Lotta Skincare Botanical Beauty Balm

Hi beauty lovers,

I have a multi purpose product today by an independent brand, Lotta Skincare. Lotta is made by Charlotte who when starting her degree realised she could no longer afford the high end products she previously bought. As Charlotte studied Chemistry at university, she discovered what kind of chemicals were in conventional skincare, this led to three years making and testing her own products using natural ingredients that were beneficial for skin. Botanical Beauty Balm is one of her products.

Botanical Beauty Balm is multi use, you can use it as a cleanser as well as a moisturising balm for dry skin. I’ve used it as an overnight treatment on body, face and hands and I have to confess I love it!

The balm is Macadamia Seed Oil based with Sweet Almond, Coconut, Sunflower Seed Oils and beeswax. There are essential oils of Clove, Lavendin, Tea Tree and Geranium. It has a gorgeous texture, it is thick so you do have to warm it up by massaging into the skin. Perfect for as an overnight mask, Cuticle Treatment, Lip Balm, foot cream, any dry skin it Botanical Beauty Balm calms and hydrates your skin.

I love it, you only need a small amount as it is concentrated. I think the most surprising thing to me was the price, for 50g is £5.95 (plus shipping) it is SO affordable. You all know how much I love to find fantastic value for money, Lotta Skincare definitely offers that. Charlotte’s Night Owl Facial Oil is an extremely reasonable £15.95 for 45g. Check out her shop on etsy.com.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Indeed Labs 10balm Soothing Cream 

Hi beauties

Today I have 10balm from Indeed Labs, this again was a choice in the You Beauty Box shortlist a few months ago so I have been testing this for a while. Indeed Labs came on the beauty scene in 2011 launching with their now famous Nanoblur that was the first skin-blurring cream to make you picture perfect. 

10balm is a soothing cream for irritated and unhappy skin. The ingredients are traditional and well known, such as Honey and Arnica as well Vitamin E and Glycerin. Bisabolol is an oil that is the primary constituent of German Chamomile, it helps to calm inflamed skin and sensitivity. There is also Propolis and Royal Jelly in this formula, both ingredients famous for being soothing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. 

I would call this more of a thick cream than a balm, once rubbed into skin it disappears leaving no residue. To me, balms are a waxy texture that turn into an oil when applied and do leave a residue. It has a natural carrier oil smell to it, not unpleasant to me but I am used to using fragrance free oils as well as fragranced ones. There is no fragrance or artificial colourings in this which sounds obvious, but some people are sensitive to essential oils and fragrance and don’t want that in their cosmetics and skincare (I am lucky as I find essential oils beneficial to my skin). 

I like 10balm, it is a brilliant soothing and repairing cream. I think products like this and for example, La Roche Posay Cicaplast are first aid type of products that you should have in your bathroom cabinet for those times when you need some extra help with your skin. It is £19.99 for 30ml and can be bought from Boots.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Elemis Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream Oil 

Hi beauties,

So today is the turn of Elemis Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream Oil which I bought as part of a set from QVCUK.

Peptide 4 is an overnight treatment meant to treat the effects of broken sleep. As I’m always waking up during the night and want to look fresher and not so tired in the morning I couldn’t wait to try it.

Elemis claim that Peptide 4 helps to support our circadian rhythms and the skins renewal processes. Your skin will look renewed, restored and have a healthier looking appearance. The test results from the product are rather remarkable:

  • 100% of people agreed they had a well rested and glowing complexion
  • 100% agreed fine lines and wrinkles were improved
  • 99% agreed Skin looked and felt firmer
  • 98% agreed it was the best night treatment

*based on 100 people trialling over a 4 week period.

With those results I thought this sounds perfect for me! Who wouldn’t want to have glowing, firmer skin with a light textured product that doesn’t make your skin feel heavy or greasy like some anti ageing treatments are.

Here’s the bad news: this did absolutely NOTHING for my skin. I used it consistently for 2 weeks every night, which I know doesn’t sound like long but when you are supposed to get a result in one night (based on the presentations on QVCUK) I got fed up waiting for something to happen. I’m so disappointed with Elemis as I usually love their skincare and have used various products for many years. I have kept it, I can’t seem to throw it out, so may give it another go if I can be bothered. Such a shame as it’s a beautiful texture and pleasant fragrance.

Till next time

Lucy xxx

Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask 

Hi beauty lovers, 

I have another product from the fabulous Dr Organic range Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask. This is a clay mask which is deep cleansing and smoothing, as I have oily skin I really enjoy using a clay mask.

The ingredients are: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Aqua, Kaolin, Calcium carbonate, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) butter, Glycerin, Zinc oxide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Hectorite, Glyceryl caprylate, Decyl glucoside, Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Ribes nigrum, Parfum, Olea europaea (Olive) leaf extract, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) peel extract, Vitis vinifera (Grape) leaf extract, Thymus vulgaris leaf extract, Foeniculum vulgare seed extract, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Sodium phytate, Citric acid, Ascorbic acid, Amyl cinnamal, Benzyl salicylate, Geraniol, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal.

This mask does set, so if you don’t enjoy that kind of feeling, this isn’t for you. I personally don’t mind as these kind of masks work well for me. It’s also really smoothing, there is no grains so it’s not an exfoliator but my skin feels so smooth and soft afterwards. I really like that it’s a quick mask, you only need 10 minutes. I pop this on and get on with whatever I happen to be doing, it doesn’t drip or crack so you don’t have to sit still waiting for it to dry.

This mask has a lovely fresh green kind of fragrance to it which is enjoyable, I would say it’s more unisex than perhaps some of the other masks from the range (the Rose Otto for example) so I do think this one would be a good one for the guys.

I’m a big fan of the Dr Organic brand, I’ve used various products from the ranges and I haven’t tried anything I haven’t liked. I like the brand ethos and that it is geared to using “natural” ingredients. I know that any brand can state that, it’s not regulated after all but looking at the inci lists for products and the brand doesn’t use mineral oils, phlatates, parabens, SLS, synthetic colours or silicones. They do state the ingredients are accredited and certified organic and the brand hold a Soil Association licence so you can be confident the brand does live up to their organic claims. 

Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Facial Mask is available at Holland and Barrett, both in store and online, it’s fantastic value at £6.49 for a 125ml size so you have many treatments out of one tube, it would last a good few months. Another winner from Dr Organic!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Time Bomb Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue 

Hi beauties

As I am sure I have mentioned before, I have sun damage on my skin which to be honest is the only thing that bothers me, so I am always on the hunt for products that will help. So when I heard of Time Bomb Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue I was very intrigued!

Time Bomb say that this product is for dry, tight, leathery skin and visibly improves the sign of long-term photo damage. Overexposed has a beautiful silky texture, it’s like a moisturiser but to be used in the serum stage. It is rich but not greasy so it does sink in well even with my oily skin type. During the day this would actually be enough for me, at night I do layer with a moisturiser.

Overexposed has Omega 9 ester, which is a vegetable-derived moisture ingredient, Time Bomb say that saddle manufacturers use this ingredient to restore dried out leather back to a soft and supple state. The antioxidant Pycnogenol is also in the formula which helps to inhibit UV damage so that skin tone is clearer and more even.

I would love to say that this was great, that it reduced the look of my pigmentation but apart from deeply moisturising my skin (don’t get me wrong, this is never a bad thing!) it did nothing. I was so disappointed and I do realise that this is one of the hardest skin issues to treat so I am always asking a lot of products like these. If you are looking for an intense moisturising serum then you may like this, but for pigmentation this gets a thumbs down. Sorry Lulu…!

Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue is available from http://www.timebombco.com and is £39.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Decleor Phytopeel 

Hello beauties,

Today it is the turn of Decleor Phytopeel which has turned into possibly my most favourite exfoliator for a number of reasons.

I discovered it only recently although I know it has been in the Decleor range for some time. I have turned to enzymatic and exfoliators without grains as my skin just doesn’t like them and they can break me out. I can’t find the exact ingredient listing (which does annoy me to be honest) however this works with Green Clay, essential oils of Thyme, Lavender, Marjoram, Lemon, plant extracts of Elder Tree, Burdock and fruit enzymes.

You apply a thick layer of this and let it sink in, it’s quite easy to apply, swipe it all over your skin until it is white. When it has sunk in you can start to remove it. Make sure you do this over a sink as it is messy! You literally roll it off your skin in gentle, sweeping movements. Don’t rub or scrub, it will come off just by rolling off. This is the most satisfying exfoliator to use, you will see all the dead skin fall into the sink, disgusting but oh so good lol. I remove any residue with a warm cloth and my skin is left feeling so soft and smooth. I always do a mask afterwards and I have a few hydrating ones and find they always work better when I’ve used Phytopeel. This is great to use once or twice a week and especially when your skin is looking dull and all products you use afterwards will go into your skin more easily. Phytopeel is available from http://www.decleor.co.uk and is £27.50 for a 50ml tube.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



Prai 24k Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair Serum*

Hi lovelies,

Some skincare today with Prai 24k Gold Wrinkle Repair Serum that I received from my QVC Beauty Bash goody bag in January. I have not tried any products from Prai before but seen many presentations on QVC.

Prai is a skincare brand that is famous for it’s Neck and Decollatage Cream that has sold many millions across the world. The brand was created in 1999 by Cathy Kangas who had over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and created a team who had come from the biggest skincare brands in the world. Their signature ingredient is the Prai Root which is similar to ginger and has wrinkle smoothing and restoring benefits to skin. Once revered and reserved for the Thai Royal Household, Cathy now uses this ingredient in many of the Prai products. Prai has recently become Leaping Bunny Certified, they do not test on animals or use any animal ingredients in the brand and what I really love is partial proceeds from every purchase goes back to animal welfare organizations. Cathy is a huge animal lover and has many rescue animals herself, she also sits on the board of The Humane Society of the United States and is very passionate about animal causes.

24k Gold Wrinkle Repair Serum is a gel/oil-like texture, it’s extremely unusual, I haven’t really come across anything like it before. It sinks into your skin very quickly and has a lovely scent, a kind of warm spicy floral (so right up my street!). With the 24k Gold which helps maintain healthy collagen in the skin, the serum also has Line Factor that is derived from Hibiscus Seed to help with regeneration of the skin. Prai Oil helps to smooth, add suppleness and moisture to your skin.

I love this serum! So easy to use and the glow you get from it is really beautiful. It doesn’t overload my oily skin and I found it very effective to reduce the appearance of lines on my neck, I don’t really have any on my face yet, so my neck is a good test! My skin always feels so comfortable and looks dewy afterwards, it dries down quickly so I can put my moisturiser on over the top. I don’t need to use a separate oil because of the Prai Root Oil in the serum, you get great hydration without an oily or greasy feel. I think this serum is fab for people of my age (36) that want to use anti ageing but don’t want products that are too stimulating and likely to break you out. The 24k Gold gives a luminous healthy glow to your skin. I only use it at night as I wear SPF in the day and I feel this doesn’t go that well over it (it’s Ultrasun so always goes on naked skin first) but if you wanted a lovely glowy base to your makeup this would be a great choice. It is available at http://www.praibeauty.com for $39.95 for 30ml however the best place is usually http://www.qvcuk.com as part of some fabulous collections.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*PR Sample/Gift