Seche Soft Cuticle Softener Therapy

Hi beauties

Today I have Seche Soft Cuticle Softener Therapy, this is a daily use cuticle remover. I usually use a Cuticle remover once a week, but noticed that at least 2 cuticles that are quite tough so I wanted to test this out to see if this is a better solution.

Seche Soft is a light lotion that sinks in very easily, I try and use it at least once a day. It’s hydrating but unfortunately does have a slight tacky feeling once applied. It does help to minimise the cuticle, it has AHA’s to help loosen the skin, making it easy to push the cuticles.

I wouldn’t repurchase Seche Soft, I found the tacky after feeling really off putting. I used it for a few weeks and then got fed up with it! So I’m still looking for a decent cuticle remover. I bought mine from Nail Polish Direct for £18.95.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Sönd Skin Revitalising Face Serum

Hello beauties,

When my skin was at its most confused, angry, spotty and sensitive I didn’t know where to turn. I had some great advice and products recommendations, one of which was from Sönd Skincare, Revitalising Face Serum.

Sönd Skincare believe that our skin is at its healthiest in an alkaline state, their range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is a bit higher of the neutral pH water has at 7.0.

The introduction of this serum marked a dramatic change in my skin, particularly in terms of the reduction of irritation. The inclusion of Silica and Hyaluronic Acid soothed my skin, making it so much smoother and softer. I didn’t really notice any marked difference in firming necessarily, but to be honest I wasn’t looking for that kind of result.

If you are suffering with irritated, red, dry and skin that’s basically throwing its toys out of the pram I would definitely recommend this. At £42.00 it’s not the cheapest of serums, however I only needed a short course of two months to be completely back to normal. I noticed improvement in redness and dryness within a couple of days, but it took longer to get rid of the irritated little whiteheads that I had.

Revitalising Face Serum is light and non greasy and has a lovely smoothing texture. It didn’t pill under any moisturiser or SPF I used, I was certainly was very happy and grateful for returning my skin back to its normal state. Go to to find out more.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Bentley Organic Skin Blossom Organic Facial Toner

Hi beauties

I have been on a quest to find a decent alcohol free toner since Garnier discontinued the one I used and replaced them all with new toners that had alcohol in. Rude Garnier, bloody rude.

Anyway I was searching online and I have come across Bentley Organic Skin Blossom Organic Facial Toner. The company started soap making, Bentley Organic have created a range of Soil Association certified products for affordable prices.

So onto Skin Blossom, it is a pH balanced toner with Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Aloe, Lavender, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. It smells beautiful and so refreshing! I used it in a spritzer bottle as I prefer that than using cotton wool. A good couple of sprays and you’re done!

Skin Blossom comes in a 150ml bottle which would last me about 6 weeks, I use it morning and evening. I’m usually pretty loyal to a toner, once I have one open I use it until the end. Why I can’t do that with other products is beyond me!! I really enjoyed using this and I’m pleased to say the price is so reasonable at £5.95 a bottle. You can buy from Naturismo, Big Green Smile, My Pure or Bentley Organic direct. A definite repurchase!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

OPI Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream

Hello beauties!

I have an offering from OPI today, Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream. Pro Spa is the new and updated Avoplex range, based on Cupuacu Butter and White Tea. Cupuacu is related to Cacao, it’s used in confectionery similar to white chocolate. It’s low melting point makes it perfect for use on the skin.

The texture of Moisture Whip is so much more thin that I expected, I thought it would be similar to a Cocoa Butter. I find it just as hydrating as a thicker texture, making it easier to use, a tiny dab being all you need!

I bought the 118ml tub which I’ve hardly made a dent in, this is perfect for daytime use. It’s non greasy and has a gorgeous fresh scent that isn’t overpowering. It’s excellent for applying to cuticles as well, I always use hand cream on my nails too, it’s a habit I’ve had for years and I can’t stop even if I tried! This size would last months, even with frequent daily use. I bought mine from eBay for the bargain price of £9.95.

I’m looking forward to trying more from the Pro Spa range, there are various other products such as a scrub, oil and serum. So keep your eyes peeled for other Pro Spa items.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask

Hi beauties,

I have Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask today, I got this wee size in a TSV I bought from QVCUK last year and I’ve tried it a few times.

This is a product that hasn’t lived up to the hype for me, there is something about it that makes my skin feel tight and not in a nice firming way, just in a “get me Moisturiser now or I will kick off” type of way. It was originally called Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Mask.

There’s clay in here which I usually like, however in a moisturising mask it doesn’t work for me. I can’t see how you would be able to leave this on overnight personally. This reminds me of Kiko Bright Lift Mask, similar ingredients and the same feeling (I much prefer Kiko Sublime Youth Mask to either of these).

Personally I didn’t get much of an anti wrinkle effect from this mask, but if you are looking for that firming, tighter feeling to your skin you will love this. The price is £49.50 for 50ml, for me I would much rather spend that on the Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus which I get fantastic results from.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Kiko Bright Lift Mask

Hi beauties

Kiko Bright Lift Mask today, from my Haul last summer.

I love a mask, I find them great for getting quick results in minimum time. This mask has white clay in to brighten and refresh as well as marine collagen to soften the skin.

Bright Lift Mask doesn’t seem to do much lifting for me, but brightening is definitely a result I did find. You need about 10-15 minutes, no longer as it starts to dry and feel a bit tight. I prefer the Sublime Youth mask and found myself reaching for that more than this. I also found this was a dupe for Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask both in texture and results, so this would be a good one for you if that’s a favourite.

Bright Lift Mask is good value at £9.90 for 50ml, available from Kiko Online and in store.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Lotta Skincare Botanical Beauty Balm

Hi beauty lovers,

I have a multi purpose product today by an independent brand, Lotta Skincare. Lotta is made by Charlotte who when starting her degree realised she could no longer afford the high end products she previously bought. As Charlotte studied Chemistry at university, she discovered what kind of chemicals were in conventional skincare, this led to three years making and testing her own products using natural ingredients that were beneficial for skin. Botanical Beauty Balm is one of her products.

Botanical Beauty Balm is multi use, you can use it as a cleanser as well as a moisturising balm for dry skin. I’ve used it as an overnight treatment on body, face and hands and I have to confess I love it!

The balm is Macadamia Seed Oil based with Sweet Almond, Coconut, Sunflower Seed Oils and beeswax. There are essential oils of Clove, Lavendin, Tea Tree and Geranium. It has a gorgeous texture, it is thick so you do have to warm it up by massaging into the skin. Perfect for as an overnight mask, Cuticle Treatment, Lip Balm, foot cream, any dry skin it Botanical Beauty Balm calms and hydrates your skin.

I love it, you only need a small amount as it is concentrated. I think the most surprising thing to me was the price, for 50g is £5.95 (plus shipping) it is SO affordable. You all know how much I love to find fantastic value for money, Lotta Skincare definitely offers that. Charlotte’s Night Owl Facial Oil is an extremely reasonable £15.95 for 45g. Check out her shop on

Till next time,

Lucy xxx