Lotta Skincare Botanical Beauty Balm

Hi beauty lovers,

I have a multi purpose product today by an independent brand, Lotta Skincare. Lotta is made by Charlotte who when starting her degree realised she could no longer afford the high end products she previously bought. As Charlotte studied Chemistry at university, she discovered what kind of chemicals were in conventional skincare, this led to three years making and testing her own products using natural ingredients that were beneficial for skin. Botanical Beauty Balm is one of her products.

Botanical Beauty Balm is multi use, you can use it as a cleanser as well as a moisturising balm for dry skin. I’ve used it as an overnight treatment on body, face and hands and I have to confess I love it!

The balm is Macadamia Seed Oil based with Sweet Almond, Coconut, Sunflower Seed Oils and beeswax. There are essential oils of Clove, Lavendin, Tea Tree and Geranium. It has a gorgeous texture, it is thick so you do have to warm it up by massaging into the skin. Perfect for as an overnight mask, Cuticle Treatment, Lip Balm, foot cream, any dry skin it Botanical Beauty Balm calms and hydrates your skin.

I love it, you only need a small amount as it is concentrated. I think the most surprising thing to me was the price, for 50g is £5.95 (plus shipping) it is SO affordable. You all know how much I love to find fantastic value for money, Lotta Skincare definitely offers that. Charlotte’s Night Owl Facial Oil is an extremely reasonable £15.95 for 45g. Check out her shop on etsy.com.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Jane Scrivner Un-Condition Oil

Hi Beauties,

I have another fabulous product from Jane Scrivner today, Un-Condition Oil, which is made using high quality 100% organic Argan Oil and essential oil of Frankincense.

I have reviewed a couple of products from the range Jane Scrivner Intense Oil and Jane Scrivner OO Cream. I really like the simplicity of the range, it is easy to find which products are the best for you on the website but the results you get are far from simple.

Un-Condition Oil is a product that helps improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne-rosacea. Argan oil is full of essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce for itself, high in Vitamin E and antioxidants. I really enjoy using this oil, just a pump on damp skin (it helps to aid absorption) and that is enough for face and neck. It helped me greatly when I was suffering from an eczema patch on my neck, it is very soothing and calming. The fragrance of course is gorgeous, I love the smell of Frankincense, I find it really comforting. 

I find Un-Condition Oil an SOS type product, one that is always useful to have in reserve for those moments when your skin is acting out of sorts. It’s gentle yet very effective but you don’t have to keep it for emergencies. Argan Oil and Frankincense are both anti-ageing ingredients so it is a product you can use all the time. Just get it in your skincare routine and you will see what mean! You can find it at http://www.janescrivner.com at the great affordable price of £24.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm

Hi beauties,

I have another British brand White Rabbit Skincare and their Cleansing Balm today, White Rabbit is a luxury vegan skincare company based in Scotland. I think everyone can agree that animal testing has no place in the modern beauty industry, (I can’t believe a brand such as Nars are going into the Chinese market, where animal testing is mandatory – I think that shows the greed on behalf of Shiseido but that is another rant for another day). White Rabbit go further than this , using no animal derivatives such as beeswax making them Vegan friendly and I am thrilled to see no petrochemicals (I am sure you all know my utter hatred of mineral oil!!) or SLS, artificial colours, fragrances or ingredients. Products are made in small batches by hand to ensure quality. Also the brand use and recycle packaging – there is a loyalty bonus for sending in your packaging to be recycled.

So down to the product! It’s base is Shea Butter, Castor Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Olive Wax with essential oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lavender. The balm has a waxy-like texture, take a small amount and rub between your hands and apply to dry skin. I LOVE the smell of this balm, herby and refreshing, it leaves your skin feeling so clean. I have to be really thorough to make sure I remove it properly as it does not emulsify (which is my preference for cleansing balms). I find it takes off makeup very well, including mascara. When I test any cleanser I always to my “mascara test”. this means slathering on lots of layers of mascara in the morning so it’s had time to dry, before doing my evening cleanse. I also do that with all the mascaras I have too (I like many of you have more than one!!) so I can get a good idea of the cleansers effectiveness. After that, I sweep some micellar water over my eyes to see if there is any residue. My skin was left feeling soft, smooth and most importantly clean! Drier skin types I think will like this too as the cleanser definitely lives up to its name by being comforting.

I found this brand through You Beauty Box and tested the 15ml size which is £3.00, the full size is £15.00 for 100ml so very affordable. I do love it when a brand does travel/discovery sizes, great for trying products and of course putting them in your travel bag. You can buy from http://www.whiterabbitskincare.co.uk.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Jane Scrivner OO Cream

Hi beauties,

I have Jane Scrivner OO (Over Oil) Cream today, I have been using this for a little while as my friend Nicola1847 (on Instagram) very kindly sent me a very generous sample.

OO Cream is different to many moisturisers I’ve tried before, it is a slightly thicker texture but when you rub it in your hands and apply it to your skin it becomes much finer and sinks in so easily. It contains colloidal oatmeal, Argan Oil, aloe Gel and Vitamin E, to lock in the previous layers of Skincare whether that includes oils or not (I’ve used it both ways) but I love using it in my evening routine as a night cream over facial oil.

Ingredients are: English spring water aqua, oat kernel extract avena sativa (o), aloe vera aloe barbadensis, sun flower helianthus annus (o), shea butter butyrospermum parkii (o), cetearyl alcohol (emollient from coconut)

argan argania spinosa (o), rose hip extract rosa canina (o), white birch betula pendula, glyceryl stearate (Coconut origin emulsifier), calendula calendula officinalis, phenylethyl alcohol natural (ecocert preservative), coco glucosides (coconut and fruit sugar thickening agent) eye bright (euphrasia officinalis), orange citrus aurantium (o), palmarosa cymbopogon martini, rose geranium pelargonium graveolens (o), tocopherol vitamin e, rose absolute rosa centefolia, vanilla vanilla plantifolia, benzoin styrax benzoin, sodium phytate (salt form of the corn derived phytic acid), sodium hydroxide, (alkaliser made by leaching ashes to maintain PH balance of materials) benzyl alcohol (plant derived preservative), *citral *euganol *geraniol *citronellol *farnesol *linalool *limonene *benzyl benzoate *benzyl cinnamate. *naturally occurring components of essential oils.

The fragrance is heavenly, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolute and Vanilla makes for a hypnotic and decadent scent. I adore it, and the best thing about OO Cream is that it lives up to its promises but while leaving your skin matte! 

Please forgive scary morning face, this was the next morning after using Intense Oil and OO Cream. My skin is usually a complete greaseball in the mornings regardless of what I use, I was so impressed to see that amazing glow but not a greasy hot mess. I have also used this during the day and it has the same effect, radiant skin with no excess ugly shine.

OO Cream is also fabulous value, it’s £39.00 for a whopping 100ml. You need so very little you would get at least 6 months out of it and that would be using it twice a day. Hydra Floral from Decleor that I love is £41.00 for 50ml so I am sure you can appreciate the value there. 

I would like to mention customer service, which is also brilliant. Jane is very active on Instagram, always answering questions and giving advice, nothing is too much trouble. She isn’t pushy at all, you can really tell she loves her job and wants people to get the best out of the products. I love supporting independent companies that show they care for their customers, the personal touch makes me feel so much more special.

You can find Jane’s products on her website http://www.janescrivner.com.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors and HA

Hello beautiful people,

I have another The Ordinary offering today,  Natural Moisturising Factors. This is their moisturiser from the range, so to be used as the last step in your routine.

Natural Moisturising Factors are elements that keep skin protected and hydrated, this is formulated to moisturise and repair impaired barrier function with continued use. 

Ingredients are: 

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Borago Officinalis (Borage) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan Stearate, Coco-Glucoside, Phenoxyethanol, Jojoba Esters, Alumina (Aluminum Oxide), Carbomer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Sorbate, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

This is a great moisturiser, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s non greasy and sinks into skin easily.  It feels like a basic moisturiser because there are no frills, but the formula is sound. If you are looking for something that will help keep your skin healthy, with no fragrance and you have a very limited budget, Natural Moisturising Factors is a good option. It’s available from http://www.theordinary.com and is £4.90 for 30ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck and Décolleté Mousse 

Hi beauties

I have a product that has been causing a bit of a hullabaloo for those shopping in Aldi, Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck and Décolleté Mousse. I don’t have an Aldi near me so my Instafriend Fiona very kindly sent me one before Christmas and I have been testing it.

I adored this product from the first minute I tried it, the texture is a super light mousse and it sinks into your skin so quickly. I have never known something to disappear quite so quickly!! It feels absolutely amazing too, when I use this my neck feels so soft and smooth and the feeling lasts all day. The mousse does soften the lines around my neck, obviously it doesn’t get rid of them, no product will do that, but to improve the appearance of them is definitely a plus!

I have struggled to find this online to find out the ingredients as stupidly I threw away the huge box, well done there, D’oh! I think there is shea butter in this formula as I did feel so moisturised. The packaging is also really cool, you twist the silver bit at the bottom and remove the brown outer pot and then there is a little lid you pull off and the product is inside.

Aldi really have done a very good job with this, it feels super luxurious both the mousse itself and the packaging, the only unfortunate thing is that it sold out super quick, I only hope they are going to bring them back as I would love to carry on using this. It was around £8.00 or £9.00 so super affordable and I love the results. I was very pleasantly surprised and Aldi has certainly exceeded my expectations. Just hurry up and bring it back, please and thank you!

If you have an Aldi near you I would recommed trying out the Lacura range, you may just find a complete gem!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter 

Hi beauties,

I have another cleansing balm The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter for you, I do love a balm and this one is gorgeous!

Like it’s twin Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil this is one brilliant cleanser, in my opinion The Body Shop have created two cult products. Big statement yes, but I believe, accurate.

The texture of the balm is wonderful, a couple of swipes around the tin and you have enough balm to spread over your skin. It melts immediately and has the most beautiful warm scent! It also melts makeup off really quickly, however I wouldn’t use this for eye makeup removal. It will leave your eyes filmy and it’s not as thorough as the oil version, especially  with mascara. All other makeup, SPF, dirt and grime is no problem.

As this is from The Body Shop the base ingredients are plant based,  Olive Oil and Sea Butter are the main cleansing agents here, when I use it my skin is left feeling so soft. When my skin is feeling a bit sensitive and irritated I turn to soothing formulas to cleanse, the Camomile in this formula being a calming ingredient. My only criticism the packaging, it can be a bit difficult to open although being in this tub/jar it is easy for travelling.

This is a gorgeous cleanser, one that is on my Instagram feed frequently and I can understand why. For a balm it is easy to use as you don’t have to scoop out loads with a spatula, like I said before a couple of swipes is all you need so it will last you a long time. I do like massaging with this as you get a lovely “slip” there is no dragging with this product as I have experienced with thicker balms. I use this predominately as my first cleanse/makeup removal on an evening, I tend to take a bit more time with my evening routine so always do the hot cloth method of removal. It emulsifies well and turns into a lovely milk although you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I tend to see how I feel as I don’t see much difference between the two uses. As I mentioned before the fragrance is beautiful, a warm scent so not overly flowery or girly.

Camomile Sumputuous Cleansing Butter is a great value cleanser with a touch of luxury, The Body Shop have recently revised their pricing so this is now just £10.oo which is bonkers! A little goes a long way so I think you would get a good 4 months out of one jar, I rotate my cleansers so it does last me longer, I already have a back up. Available from http://www.thebodyshop.com and instore.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx