Nuxe Prodigieux Precious Scented Shower Oil

Hi beauties,

I love shower oils, I find them so beneficial for my skin, meaning I don’t have to use heavy body creams (which I loathe, I feel like my skin is suffocating) and just a layer of body oil on wet skin after the shower and that’s me done!

I hadn’t tried anything from Nuxe before and when Prodigieux Shower Oil came up in the You Beauty Shortlist, I picked it to test.

This is lovely to use, it has a gorgeous silky texture that glides on your skin with a very gentle lather. It’s supposed to leave a golden shimmer on your skin, personally I didn’t notice that. What I was disappointed with is that it left my skin feeling ever so slightly squeaky, and I needed to apply body lotion afterwards. I am lazy with dry skin, which is never a good combination so I want shower products that leave my skin moisturised. 

The fragrance is gorgeous, warm and floral I certainly want to try the body lotion and the oil in the range. I am not sure I would buy this again purely because the way it left my skin feeling. If you aren’t as dry as I am you will more likely find this absolutely fine and wouldn’t need a body lotion straight after. 

Prodigieux Shower Oil is also very reasonably priced, 200ml is £10.50. I did expect it to be a lot more expensive, this 30ml is a generous travel size. In rotation in my shower (I have 4 shower products open!) it lasted me about a month, you don’t need to use huge amounts either. I’m glad I tried it, and it certainly won’t deter me from trying other products from Nuxe. 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil*

Hey beauty lovers

A fabulous shower product to tell you about today Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil. This is absolutely beautiful and has bee my go to shower product since I received it last month.

I love a shower oil, they are far more hydrating than a standard shower gel/cream/wash. I need that because of my tricky skin, anything that doesn’t strip and make me feel even drier is a Brucie bonus.

The most famous shower oil is the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and don’t get me wrong I love it! However, Dove Nourishing Care has completely stolen my heart. The texture is beautiful, Silky and easy to apply to damp skin when it turns into a gorgeous hydrating milk. The scent is also beautiful, a warm floral which makes a nice change from the apple blossom/vanilla of the L’Occitane.

Perhaps most impressive is the price, Dove works out to be half the price!! It’s £8 for a bottle which I would be happy to spend on such a fantastic product. I can also get it easily on the High Street which means I can use it more often and reap the benefits. Well done Dove, this is bloomin’ brilliant!

I received mine from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review (which mine always are) but you can buy this in Boots.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx