SBC Jasmine & Evening Primrose Gel


Hi beauties,

As many of you know I am a huge fan of SBC and Jasmine and Evening Primrose Gel is another problem solving product from the  range.

SBC are a british company who specialises in making skincare gels, they also make beautiful shower products, bodycare and skincare they are a brand that I have featured many times on the blog. Jasmine and Evening Primrose Oil Gel is a gorgeous floral scented gel which is able to balance dry and oily skin types, it is very moisturising with no sticky or greasy feel to it. Being a gel it sinks into your skin very quickly making it easy to use as a body moisturiser and get dressed without having to wait for ages!

Jasmine and Evening Primrose is particularly good for ladies during our hormonal times, I tend to get achy and uncomfortable and I find this gel is perfect for that time. I use it on my bust and it is also good for tummy massage. Evening Primrose contains high levels of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) which is excellent for skin elasticity and also known for reducing symptoms of PMS and helping symptoms of the menopause. GLA is a fatty acid that regulates hormones and inflammation in the skin, I have found that using this in conjuction with SBC Propolis Gel has helped to calm and soothe my eczema. If you suffer with eczema you may find that Evening Primrose supplements would be beneficial to you because of the high levels of GLA. Starflower (Borage) has also been added to this gel which is another good source of GLA, it is also ionized + and – so they can be used with any galvanic machines that need a conductivity gel.

The scent is heavenly, Jasmine is a heady floral I find very uplifting. I am a great believer in aromatherapy and find this gel very enjoyable to use. I have also used it when I have found that my skin on my face has been dry, as I said before this one is a great balancer. It is a great mix with Collagen gel too, SBC gels are fantastic to blend or layer together, so for a real moisturising treat I use both face and body. You really can tailor make the range for your specific needs and create your own blends. Another good mix would be Jasmine and Lavender, if you have heat in your skin Lavender helps to repair your skin as well as making you feel calmer! You can mix the gels with body lotions if you like rather than layer if you are short on time, that is an excellent way of incorporating the gels into your routine without taking ages. Also brilliant as facial masks, leave a thick layer on your skin for 10-15 minutes and it will all sink in. I sometimes use them as a moisturiser in the summer over a serum or oil which suits the oily skin on my face, they are so versatile there isn’t a wrong way to use them. QVC do a lot of great value sets with varying sizes from 100ml to 1 litre so they are economical, Jasmine and Evening Primrose Oil gel is also available from starting at £9.50 for 100ml.

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Lucy xxx


SBC Rose and Argan Oil Gel


Hi beauties,

Rose and Argan Oil Gel from SBC is another fabulous product that has found its way into my skincare collection. I’ve blogged about SBC before many times, they are a fabulous British brand that create real problem solvers.

I bought this after trying a new product from a brand and my skin had reacted to it. My skin was red, sore and uncomfortable, my skin is pretty hardy so it’s unusual for me to react. I had tried Propolis gel which was good for the the flakiness but the redness was the worst of the symptoms and it was taking it’s time to reduce in colour. Rose is a great ingredient for sensitive skin, it’s well known for taking down redness and strengthening your skin and this formula is a great one if you are suffering with high colour.

I do find SBC gels moisturising, Collagen, Propolis and even Camphor & Menthol has evening primrose oil in so it doesn’t irritate my eczema, however Rose & Argan Oil gel really is fantastic at giving you hydration without a greasy oily film. The fragrance of course is wonderful, of course you do have a bit of a problem if you don’t like rose! It’s not an old fashioned, cloying scent that rose fragrances can be, I find this quite fresh. As it is a gel it is very cooling and refreshing, you don’t need to use a lot either. I was using it as a serum underneath my moisturiser and over the top of an oil if I was using one. You can also use it in a thicker layer as a mask which was a lovely treat at the time, I love mixing it with the Collagen gel too for a treatment. It’s really easy to slot it into whatever skincare routine you have.

My skin had felt better within a day thanks to the cooling gel and it was only 3 days for the colour to fade completely. Since then I’ve been mixing it with Collagen gel to use on my body, they mix and moisturise very well for me and you are left with a really pretty fragrance that I don’t find overpowering. It doesn’t last all day so it won’t interfere if you want to wear perfume. I was so pleased with the results, I also mix it with body lotions and hand creams for an extra treat, these gels are so versatile you can’t really use them incorrectly. They are also fabulous value, a 500ml bottle is £22.50 from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


SBC Arnica Shower Cream


Hi lovelies,

I have another SBC product today, the Arnica Shower Creme. I am a huge fan of SBC, their products are so easy to use and more importantly they work.

I received the shower creme as part of a collection and I hadn’t tried it before. Collagen shower creme is a staple in my routine, it is so beautiful to use. What first struck me about this is the gorgeous scent. It is one of the fragrance family I love which are the spicy woody scents. Arnica is a herbal extract that has been used for thousands of years for aching and tired muscles. The benefit of this one is it can be used in the shower and bath.

The texture is beautifully thick, luxurious and moisturising. I suffer with eczema and I find this doesn’t strip my skin. When I’m in the shower and my hair conditioner is on, I use it to do a bit of massage too when I can. You don’t need to use a lot and it being in a pump action bottle is very handy. It is so pleasurable to use, rich and sumptuous. As with all SBC shower cremes they are treatments as well as shower/bathing products and I have been using this pretty much every day since I received it. I didn’t think I anything would knock my beloved Collagen off the top spot but this is definitely a contender!

SBC Arnica Shower creme is available from and is £17.50 for 500ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

SBC TSV 6 Piece Body Comforting Collection 22/12/15


Hello lovelies,

Just before Christmas saw another fantastic Today’s Special Value from SBC The 6 Piece Body Comforting Collection. I am a huge fan of SBC as their products really do work and I was very pleased to see 3 of my favourites in this set.

Camphor & Menthol Gel is one of my essential products, I have written about this before (click here to read) it is fantastic to use when my pain levels are so uncomfortable, it really helps to take the edge off the worst. I feel it supports me alongside my medication, heat pad and my painkilling patches to help me cope. I know that sounds dramatic, but when you have chronic pain and have a bad flare up anything that helps you grab it with both hands! It is especially useful at night, it being a gel texture it is easy to rub in for fast relief. I am very glad to have a super sized 500ml in my collection.

Propolis Gel is another gem, both the gel and the shower gel are brilliant for my dry skin. Heat and the patches do dry my skin and I get patches of eczema and I cannot bear thick body butters. It helps soothe my skin, moisturises and protects as it has natural anti bacterial properties. Click here to read my original review. In this kit, it came in a massive 500ml size.

The Arnica Bath and Shower Creme is new to me, I’ve been testing it out and will be doing a separate review for it. It smells divine, woody and spicy and so comforting at this time of year. Another 500ml size that will last and last!

The Intensive Arnica Gel I’ve tried before years ago and I didn’t feel it was so effective for me, unfortunately that hasn’t changed, however I did use it when I was having a relatively good day this time around and it gave me a gentle warm feeling. It’s more of a balm texture so much thicker than SBC traditional gels. It is very moisturising so my skin did feel great after using! As my pain is joint related rather than muscular, I have a feeling it would probably suit that type of pain more effectively.

Propolis Shower Gel is also great! I’ve used it as a shampoo for my itchy scalp and the shine you get on your hair really surprised me. Another practical product that really works, if you have problem skin, give this a try.

Echinacea Bath Soak is new to me and I will be doing a separate review for this too, it has a gorgeous fresh clearing smell and a soak with this is fab.

This collection is amazing, great sizes, the smallest size is 250ml which is the bath soak, shower gel and intensive arnica and the very best thing is auto delivery! I went for this option so every 90 days for 5 drops this kit will be replenished. The price was bonkers at £32.96.

I am so glad I got this collection, it will be a gift that will keep on giving over 2016!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

SBC Collagen QVC TSV

 Hello beauties,

This set was a Today’s Special Value on the 8th of September 2015, being a huge fan of the brand SBC it was a collection I had to get.

Starting with the Collagen 3in1 cleanser (250ml full size) which I have already mentioned (click here to read) is a gorgeous lotion textured cleanser. It is fantastic at taking off makeup and daily grime, it is light but creamy and the fragrance is a gorgeous grapefruit scent. It’s a brilliant cleanser you can slot into any regime.

The Collagen Shower Creme (500ml salon size) is also a lovely rich texture and so hydrating. I use this as a shower gel and hand wash, the fragrance is the same as the facial cleanser, in fact all the products have the fresh grapefruit smell. I have really dry skin on my body and it doesn’t irritate me at all, lovely to use in the bath as well.

The Hydra Gel Serum (30ml full size)  is another great product, moisturising and hydrating. It is a light cream gel texture so it sinks into your skin helping with those fine lines and wrinkles. It gives a more intensive result than the day and night cream, a fabulous affordable serum you can use with any moisturiser you like.

I have used the Collagen gel (1Litre) for many years now, I like light gel textures and I find this sinks in so easily not leaving a greasy or sticky residue. I use it face and body, I use it over oils as a mask and as a body lotion, I hate body lotions that are heavy as they tend to leave my skin feeling suffocated.

The Collagen Day & Night Cream (250ml Super Size) I have mentioned before (click here to read) and I truly love it. Famous for the lightness of their products this moisturiser doesn’t disappoint. It is light enough to add excellent moisturisation but does not feel heavy on you skin. Like all of SBC’s products a little goes a long way. This is a super size made especially for QVC, I suspect this will last me at least a year if not longer with day and night use. It has a lovely firming effect too, that makes your skin look smoother and tighter but not in an uncomfortable way. I am always so pleased with how my skin looks after I have used it.

This set was at the bonkers price of £39.98 and sizes of products superb. They will last me many months and provide great results, so if you haven’t tried SBC before, I would say give them a go. Don’t let the pricing put you off, as they are products that really do work. SBC items are available from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

SBC Camphor and Menthol

Hi beauty addicts

I have another fantastic product to share with you which is from one of my favourite brands SBC. If you haven’t heard of them before they are primarily a beauty trade brand but have been selling their products on QVC for the last 20 years. The make the most fantastic problem solving products (Click here to see my review of the amazing Propolis gel) and being gels are extremely easy to use. This one is Camphor & Menthol and I am so impressed I wish I had purchased it before.

As you may know, I suffer with chronic back pain due to damaged joints in my spine so I have to take a lot of pain medication and bizarrely this causes me a lot of headaches.  I also have tendonitis in my hip which plays up occasionally (I’m falling apart!) and it has been playing up with a vengeance over the past 2 days making sleeping very difficult, I used some last night and it really helped take the edge off the pain and made me feel more comfortable (which at 2am and you are desperate for some sleep is extremely welcome!).

It is quite a stimulating feeling but very fresh and tingly, strangely I find this very relaxing so I slathered it on my temples, neck and shoulders before I went to bed last night. I went to sleep and then when I woke up because of my hip pain, I popped some on my hip as well and I found the pain eased enough for me to actually get off for some much needed kip. It obviously does wear off, so you do have to reapply, but there are no limits on how much you can use unlike deep heat style products or steroid creams.

The gel is water based with Camphor and Menthol and Evening Primrose oil, it isn’t sticky or drying and sinks in quickly into your skin. I am so impressed with this, I have become rather addicted to using it in the very short time that I have had it!

It won’t get rid of my pain as unfortunately that is permanent, having said that I have found it an excellent supplement with my usual medication. To be honest, I would recommend it just for stress headaches alone as it is so refreshing and clearing. Another product from SBC that I have loved and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Camphor & Menthol comes in a 250ml pump bottle and a little goes a very long way. It is available at QVCUK at £16.00.

If you haven’t checked out SBC before, look them up they are a fabulous brand.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Favourite moisturisers

Hello there,

I wanted to talk about my favourite moisturisers  for this post and when I collected them all up for photos I didn’t actually realise how many I had.

Ok to start off, is Liz Earle Skin Repair technically this is just one moisturiser but throughout the year I do use all three variants. Skin Repair is a beautifully sandalwood scented cream and it contains Avocado oil, Borage (also known as starflower) oil and naturally sourced Vitamin E. At this time of year I use Skin Repair Light as my day moisturiser and then in autumn/winter I step up to Normal/Combination and Dry/Sensitive depending on how my skin is behaving. Liz’s philosophy when creating this is that oilier skin needs hydrating with oil as our skin is made of oil, she doesn’t believe in oil free formulas. I adore this product and I have been using it for many years now, the smell is so beautifully comforting. The Light option is more of a lotion that goes into the skin very easily with no grease. I usually repurchase Skin Repair as part of a set from either Liz Earle direct or QVC as it is a bit more expensive than I would pay for a day to day moisturiser. Skin Repair is £20.25 for 50ml.

Currently my night cream is Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream. I was fortunate enough to get 4 of the Christmas TSV’s from QVC last year so I have had quite a decent stock! Pro Collagen is a versatile moisturiser that you can use under your eyes and down to your neck and decollete, I do find that the longer I use it the less I actually use which is great as it’s not the cheapest option for me. I tend to try and find it online, you can get it in tubes from eBay and that does make it a bit more affordable. The formula is a lovely light gel-cream texture that I find brilliant for my skin. Many anti ageing creams are thick and heavy, so for an oily skin type it can feel stifling and greasy. As you readers know, I am in my mid 30’s so anti ageing is firmly on my radar. It has a great effect on my skin, leaves it soft and smooth and also when I do use it under my eyes my lines look so much better! The fragrance is gorgeous, so lovely, fresh and clean so I think that’s probably why men like it so much as it isn’t overly girly. A fantastic all round anti ageing moisturiser and if budget were no option I would use it all the time. Pro Collagen Marine Cream is £50.00 for 30ml.

A great budget option is Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser. I used this a lot last Summer as a day lotion and was really pleased how good it was for my skin. It didn’t leave my shiny or greasy which I really hate (I have to blot, a lot!) and more importantly is mineral oil free. Contains extracts of Bilberry, Rosehip and Vitamin E, it’s lightly hydrating and sinks in very quickly. Morning Dew is £4.95 for 100ml.

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SBC Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream is another I keep going back to, it’s more focused on anti ageing and a slightly richer texture that I find I need in the colder months. It contains Oxysomes which contains encapsulated Vitamin C and Vitamin E.with a base cream containing Vitamin A. SBC say this keeps the vitamins more potent so you get the best benefit from them. This moisturiser is more for those who have the early signs of ageing and preventing any further damage. Vitamin ACE is £29.00 for 100ml.

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SBC Collagen Day & Night Cream is for those who already see the signs of ageing, again this is a light gel cream texture but still very hydrating. My skin loves this moisturiser so when I can’t afford Pro Collagen, I turn to this instead. It contains soluble Collagen Oceagen along with Kukui seed and passion flower oils. It makes my skin feel hydrated and firmer, I alternate Collagen in the evening with Vitamin ACE during the day. For me these two moisturisers are a definite repurchase as ml for ml they represent the best value for anti ageing properties.

As I mentioned in my post about the Gatineau Melatogenine mask (Click here to read) I sometimes use this over a night cream I use for extra plumping of lines and hydration. You can just use the mask on it’s own as a night cream if you wish to.

What are your moisturisers of choice? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx