Jane Scrivner Intense Oil

Hi beautiful people,

I have another facial oil today in the form of Jane Scrivner’s Intense Oil. 

Intense Oil is a cold-pressed, 100% organic, single estate Rosehip Oil from Chile. Rosehip Oil is well known as an oil that is great for Anti-ageing, it is very hydrating, can can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and can help with making skins texture smoother. 

Intense Oil is a dry oil so it sinks in really quickly, it does have the earthy smell that only Rosehip has! I’ve actually got used to it now and it does dissipate so it doesn’t hang around for ever. The first thing I did notice about this oil was the colour. It is a burnt orange colour that a beautiful quality Rosehip has. This is easily the best quality I’ve ever used, my skin absolutely loves it. 

I have had lovely results with Intense Oil, it hydrates as well as smooths my skin. It never makes me feel greasy or slick because it sinks in so quickly. My skin always feels balanced afterwards which as I’m oily I do appreciate. 

 You also don’t need much either (although I do use too much!) one pump is enough and it spreads over the skin easily, and I always follow this up with a moisturiser afterwards. I’m very impressed, in fact I already have a back up (thanks to half price at Holland and Barrett!) but at £25.00 for a 30ml of this quality of oil I feel is very reasonable. You can get it online at http://www.janescrivner.com

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx