Barry M Glitter Nail Polish

Hi beauties,

I love Barry M nail polishes, they are super affordable and I think the quality is great. I picked these three glitter toppers from Superdrug.

Pure Sunshine

This is a fine gold glitter topper, you could probably build this up to be a full coverage polish.

Whimisical Dreams

My favourite of the three is Whimsical Dreams, this is a cloudy looking polish with a blue undertone. The glitter particles are small but powerful at reflecting the light.

Majestic Sparkle

This is another gold, but this time it has small sequin pieces in that I really love. I don’t particularly like plain sequin toppers, I find them boring so this combination works better for me.

I love that you can use these over any colour and it will transform the shade. Of course being glitters they do last and can be a bit difficult to remove. I use gel removal foils and I find that is much easier.

These are also a bargain at £2.99 per bottle you can find them at Boots and Superdrug.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Nails Inc Nail Makeup Collection

Hi beauties,

Nails are back!! I’m so ridiculously happy that I can wear colour again, as soon as they were long enough I swatched this fabulous collection.

I’ve been veering towards more nude shades lately, these are not shades I would’ve usually worn in the past but it’s nice to make a change now and again.

The first colour is Harley Gardens, this is much pinker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. It’s a gorgeous colour that I think make my nails look neat and groomed.

Next is Beaumont Street, the darkest in the collection. This is going to be great for autumn, I have a feeling I will be reaching for this quite a bit

Pont Street has to be my favourite of this collection, the perfect nude shade. As usual these are in the new style Nails Inc bottles with the amazing brush which makes this so easy to paint. All of these shades have wonderful shine, these are two coats with no topcoat.

This set is £29.00 which is brilliant value as individually from Nails Inc they are £15.00, so you are getting one for free! You cannot best QVCUK for fantastic prices.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Beauty Pie Box 3

Hi beauties

Beauty Pie Box Number 3 and I chose makeup for this one. I’m really impressed with the nail polishes I’ve tried from the brand before, so I was keen to try more colours.

I chose:

  • One Powder Wonder Perfecting Powder
  • Smart Powder Blush in Daydreamer
  • Smart Powder Blush in Ring My Bell
  • Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish Nude For Thought
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish Supernude
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish in Riot Act Red

I upgraded my subscription to £20.00 per month for this month which gave me a shopping allowance of £200.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Kiko Polishes Browns

Hi beauties

Today I bring you the swatches of the gorgeous brown polishes I bought in my Kiko haul. I love these kind of shades, they all have shimmer to them which I find perfect for autum/winter. I do love my creme polishes, but for me there is something about metalics and shimmers in the autumn sunshine and of course we need a bit of a lift in the cold and darker months.

The top polish is 512 Metallic Rosy Taupe, for me it leans far more towards taupe/brown than it does rose. It does have a very deep almost purple shimmer to it so that’s probably where the name comes from. Beautiful shade, easy to paint and clean up was really easy considering how dark the pigment is.

Second is 371 Gold Rosy Brown, again I don’t know where the “rosy” kind of tone fits into this shade as the main pigment is brown and the shimmer is gold. A fabulous transition shade, but I can see me wearing this at any time. The formula was easy to paint and clean up super easy.

The deepest most vampy shade of all three, 514 Pearly Golden Coffee, I love this one! The depth of the coffee pigment is beautifu and the gold shimmer is amazing. Best seen under daylight to really appreciate the shift in tone. Cleanup was slightly more difficult with this one as darker shades can be, but I was persistent lol.

So there are the browns, keep your eye out for the swatches of the other polishes I picked up.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Kiko Haul

Hi beauties

Kiko Cosmetics had a sale on in August where they were selling their nail polishes for £1.00, buy 3 get 3 free so naturally I HAD to buy some! I really like Kiko polishes, the quality is very good and they last well on me. I like the different kind of shades they do and of course at £1.00 each it would’ve been rude of me not to purchase some. Also, there was 30% discount on some of the skincare so I treated myself to two as well as a couple of other bits. So here is the big list!

Polishes on the top row are: 379 Eggplant, 371 Gold Rosy Brown, 486 Tea Rose, 499 Dahlia Mauve, 514 Pearly Golden Coffee, 512 Metallic Rosy Taupe, 495 Pearly Vanda Burgundy, 493 Vino Perlato.

Second row: 517 Metallic Steel Blue, 486 Tea Rose, Chrome Intense 02 Precious Aramanth, 335 Ink Blue, 381 Purple Grey, Light Navy Blue.

I also bought two Creamy Lipsticks in 02 Rosy Taupe and 05 Aramanth Red, Sublime Youth Mask, Bright Lift Mask and Angled Blush brush 03.

All this cost £26.40 which Grumpy very generously treated me to, such an amazing bargain. I will be doing separate posts with swatches and reviews too.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Debut Nailcare Collection

Hi lovelies,

I have the Nails Inc 6 Piece Autumn Winter Debut Collection that I bought from QVCUK for you today. I haven’t bought many polishes from Nails Inc for a while, but these really grabbed my attention.

The kit contains:

  • Collagen Ridge Filling Base Coat
  • Primrose Street – a seashell effect sheer colour
  • Noble Street – fully opaque berry creme
  • Prince Arthur Road – a rich navy creme
  • Portland Square – a vibrant orange creme
  • Harper Road – an antique gold glitter effect

What is interesting about this collection is they are powered by collagen. Nails Inc launched this formula earlier in the year on QVC in a TSV but I was not keen on the colours in that particular set. The formula is supposed to be moisturising, help prevent ridges (although I am not sure you can actually do that!) and keep your nails younger. I am a bit sceptical about these claims as I haven’t seen anything that would help back them up. My nails are horribly ridged and have got worse over the last two years so if they can do anything to help great, if not they are still beautiful colours.

The Collagen Ridge Filling Base Coat I am impressed with, it does reduce the appearance of ridges. Doesn’t get rid of mine totally but definitely improves the look of my finished manicure.

Primrose Street is so very pretty, I also have a lot of white spots on my nails so I can’t use this on its own, so here it is over Noble Street. Noble Street is probably my favourite of the collection, I have really fallen for this colour! It is so beautiful rich, deep pink. Unfortunately it can look more red on camera.

Prince Arthur Road is a gorgeous navy, another colour I do love to wear in the cooler months. I love the bolder ones, I think they stand out well with my pale skin tone.

Portland Square is my least favourite, which is a bit strange as I had worn orange quite a few times over the Summer, I am probably orange’d all out! It looks like shades I already have so I may be gifting this…!

Harper Road is a gentle antique gold glitter, you can’t beat a bit of bling at any time og the year so this is an effect I will be making use of. Here it is over Prince Arthur Road.

So this collection is brilliant, some beautiful cremes, a shimmer and a glitter. You can’t go wrong with that! The collection is available from for the fantastic price of £31.50 plus P&P.
Till next time,


Little Ondine Revisited 

Hi beauties

After my disappointing experience with Little Ondine I had the first time I tried them Christine from the brand got in touch with me and asked for further information and asked whether I would give the brand another try. So I wanted to update all you readers with how I got on this time. (See the original post HERE)

It came all boxed in a gift box and the polishes themselves were individually boxed too, with all the instructions you need to be able to apply the polishes. Christine had asked me what kind of colours I liked and sent the beautiful Fusion, a gorgeous red and Jubilee which is a very pretty metallic blue.

Christine also included Secret which is a base coat that can be used as a top coat so I was able to test the Little Ondine system properly. I didn’t noticed the cluster of small bubbles that I had previously in the QVC set, you can see some bubbles in the above picture, that is normal when you lay something flat so I wasn’t concerned by this and there were no streaks in pigment that I experienced before. I applied the base coat and there were one or two bubbles on the nail, again I experience this occassionally when I use Nail Envy so this did not concern me.

This is Jubilee with two coats and Secret as a top coat. This colour was very easy to apply and I was very surprised at how quickly the manicure dried. I am wedded to my beloved Seche Vite so was nervous about using another top coat. I was impressed, Secret dried properly in 5 minutes. I capped the tips, I wasn’t sure whether this was the right thing to do or not but it’s a habit more then anything! I was ok on the first day, had no problems with lifting, but one nail did threaten to peel on the second day. I managed to roll off the edge and save it, I must confess that it was SO hard not to peel off the colour!!

This is Fusion with two coats and Secret as a top coat.

The brush is fabulous too, most of the time I only used one swipe but you have to make sure you don’t have too much on the brush. Cleaning up traditionally is difficult too, warm water with a brush is the way to do it, it didn’t work well with my usual Leighton Denny Precision Brush & Corrector.

All in all the colours lasted 3 days on me, as I frequently state I don’t know really how normal polish lasts on me as I get to 4-5 days and get bored! Little Ondine isn’t marketed as long lasting polish so it certainly didn’t disappoint me and of course removal was a breeze with no damage. Well, I say that, I have just one nail that is very badly damaged after gouging a piece out so on the residue of the polish there was a wee piece of my nail on it, the rest were absolutely fine. I would say if you have badly damaged nails, don’t try Little Ondine until they are healthier and Little Ondine say that themselves.

I am very glad to say I didn’t experience any of the problems I had with the QVC Discovery Set, so for balance I wanted to re-review this to give a fair account of how I got on this time. Next I want to try some glitters and special effects so I would certainly try them again. Thank you to Christine and the team at Little Ondine for not only taking on my comments but they had been passed onto the management team and been discussed but also giving me another opportunity to try the brand again.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx