Max Factor False Lash Epic

Hi beauties,

I have something monumental to share with you today: I have found my holy grail mascara! Yes it’s true, after searching for more years than I care to admit that day is finally here.

This wonder mascara is Max Factor False Lash Epic and boy Max Factor weren’t kidding when they came up with that name! I’ve got reasonably good lashes, some are obscenely long, but they are straight and getting straighter as I get older. This gurl ain’t got no curl! When I first tried this I was gobsmacked at how good it was. I took the photo above straight after!

The wand is brilliant and the formula is great, it provides curl to my lashes and it actually holds it too. A tip I heard recently was that when applying mascara brush straight through your lashes and don’t wiggle the brush. By wiggling you can clump your lashes together and you don’t get the maximum lift. It’s true, this totally works and gives my lashes fab Lift.

I discovered this in a You Beauty Box and will buy it forever more, it’s £12 which is more than I would usually spend, however it’s totally worth it for the results I get. It’s not a crazy £30 that some premium mascaras are so I can live with the price.

If you are looking for a great mascara to give you lift/curl and volume this will be right up your street. Thank you Max Factor!!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx