Kiko Mat Base Corrector


Hi beauties,

I am revisiting this primer as I think I was unduly harsh on it before and as it turns out I was actually using this incorrectly. Kiko Mat Base Corrector is a very good primer for someone with oily skin.

It was only when I saw a matte primer being demonstrated on QVC I realised that I was applying it straight onto my skin. The effect of this was it was going into my pores turning them white and really obvious. The trick to this is warming up a small amount in your hands before patting it on to your skin instead of rubbing it on your face. The primer then is applied correctly, you can’t see it and it soaks up oil well.

Once ┬áchanged my technique my makeup applied so much easily, it smooths out giving a good matte base for both liquid and mineral powder foundation. Unfortunately there isn’t any directions on the packaging for application, it was only by chance that I tried it in this way. I’m glad I tried it as it is the best primer for me whether I wear makeup or not.

So that’s it! It’s amazing what happens when you actually use a product correctly lol.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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