Ziaja Goat’s Milk Hand and Nail Cream

Hi beauties,

Today sees another hand cream and it’s Ziaja Goats Milk Hand & Nail Cream, I bought this alongside the eye cream must’ve been last year but haven’t got round to reviewing!

This is a lovely light hand cream which is perfect for use throughout the day. It’s non greasy and doesn’t have any mineral oil in so you can put a wee bit on, about the size of a pea and that’s enough for the backs of both hands.

I also use Goats Milk Hand Cream around my cuticles too, I got into the habit of always applying a dot of hand cream into my nails every time I apply it and it definitely helps to keep your cuticles softer.

The scent is really gorgeous, it’s a fresh comforting sort of smell. Don’t worry it doesn’t smell of stinky goat! It’s actually lovely! Obviously if you don’t like fragrance this isn’t for you, but this is great on sensitive skin. It’s soothing and calming and wee bit goes a long way.

Goats Milk Hand Cream is also super affordable, from http://www.ziajaonline.co.uk 80ml is £2.81. A real steal!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Nails Inc Thirsty Nails

Hi beauties,

So as you all know my nails were pretty much a wreck over the summer, various nails splitting down the vertical ridges and I was having to file them down right to the nub. Nail Envy didn’t seem to be working, and it didn’t seem to matter how much oil I put on either, the buggers kept breaking.

Fast forward to September’s TSV (Too Cool to Give a Jewel) with QVCUK and the launch of Nails Inc’s new treatment Thirsty Nails. I adored the colours and to be honest I didn’t take too much notice of the treatment thinking that I will try it but I won’t get my hopes up.

I started using it as a base coat under my polish, lately polish has been lasting longer on me (down to Thirsty Nails??) so I’ve been changing my polish every 5 or so days. Each time I removed my old polish and applied Thirsty Nails again I noticed how much more flexible my nails were and although I still have those ridges, my nails are actually holding together so that any wee splits that start, I can gently file them down without losing my whole nail. Bloody remarkable stuff!!

When I asked Nails Inc they replied that I would see results in 3 weeks, they weren’t kidding! One simple layer as a base coat under polish and it’s literally held my nails together. I think this means my love affair with Nail Envy is possibly over. While it’s been effective for me for about 23 years, my nails have changed and need much more moisture than ever before.

I am hoping Nails Inc will release this as a stand-alone product (in a Duo please and thank you!) because I’m desperate not to be without it. It’s saved my nails.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Barry M Glitter Nail Polish

Hi beauties,

I love Barry M nail polishes, they are super affordable and I think the quality is great. I picked these three glitter toppers from Superdrug.

Pure Sunshine

This is a fine gold glitter topper, you could probably build this up to be a full coverage polish.

Whimisical Dreams

My favourite of the three is Whimsical Dreams, this is a cloudy looking polish with a blue undertone. The glitter particles are small but powerful at reflecting the light.

Majestic Sparkle

This is another gold, but this time it has small sequin pieces in that I really love. I don’t particularly like plain sequin toppers, I find them boring so this combination works better for me.

I love that you can use these over any colour and it will transform the shade. Of course being glitters they do last and can be a bit difficult to remove. I use gel removal foils and I find that is much easier.

These are also a bargain at £2.99 per bottle you can find them at Boots and Superdrug.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Nails Inc Nail Makeup Collection

Hi beauties,

Nails are back!! I’m so ridiculously happy that I can wear colour again, as soon as they were long enough I swatched this fabulous collection.

I’ve been veering towards more nude shades lately, these are not shades I would’ve usually worn in the past but it’s nice to make a change now and again.

The first colour is Harley Gardens, this is much pinker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. It’s a gorgeous colour that I think make my nails look neat and groomed.

Next is Beaumont Street, the darkest in the collection. This is going to be great for autumn, I have a feeling I will be reaching for this quite a bit

Pont Street has to be my favourite of this collection, the perfect nude shade. As usual these are in the new style Nails Inc bottles with the amazing brush which makes this so easy to paint. All of these shades have wonderful shine, these are two coats with no topcoat.

This set is £29.00 which is brilliant value as individually from Nails Inc they are £15.00, so you are getting one for free! You cannot best QVCUK for fantastic prices.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Seche Soft Cuticle Softener Therapy

Hi beauties

Today I have Seche Soft Cuticle Softener Therapy, this is a daily use cuticle remover. I usually use a Cuticle remover once a week, but noticed that at least 2 cuticles that are quite tough so I wanted to test this out to see if this is a better solution.

Seche Soft is a light lotion that sinks in very easily, I try and use it at least once a day. It’s hydrating but unfortunately does have a slight tacky feeling once applied. It does help to minimise the cuticle, it has AHA’s to help loosen the skin, making it easy to push the cuticles.

I wouldn’t repurchase Seche Soft, I found the tacky after feeling really off putting. I used it for a few weeks and then got fed up with it! So I’m still looking for a decent cuticle remover. I bought mine from Nail Polish Direct for £18.95.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

L’Occitane Intensive Hand Balm

Hello beauties

Today I have L’occitane 25% Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm, this has been out for a little while and I do like the original Shea butter hand cream, so I had to try it!

Intensive Hand Balm is a richer hand cream than the original, an extra 5% Shea in the formula and it has the same beautiful fragrance of Ylang Ylang. It’s warm and comforting and it’s such a pleasure to use at bedtime to help you relax and wind down.

I like this, but I do have a big gripe, it is VERY greasy. I don’t actually use this hand cream without wearing cotton gloves as you will get residue everywhere! It’s a bit too rich, I certainly couldn’t use this during the day. Yet it’s a great intensive treatment to use at night, the gloves help it sink into your skin.

I don’t think I would repurchase this, it is expensive too at £23.00 for 150ml. I know you don’t need to use much and the standard hand cream does last me a long time, Intensive Hand Balm is just too rich for me.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

OPI Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream

Hello beauties!

I have an offering from OPI today, Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream. Pro Spa is the new and updated Avoplex range, based on Cupuacu Butter and White Tea. Cupuacu is related to Cacao, it’s used in confectionery similar to white chocolate. It’s low melting point makes it perfect for use on the skin.

The texture of Moisture Whip is so much more thin that I expected, I thought it would be similar to a Cocoa Butter. I find it just as hydrating as a thicker texture, making it easier to use, a tiny dab being all you need!

I bought the 118ml tub which I’ve hardly made a dent in, this is perfect for daytime use. It’s non greasy and has a gorgeous fresh scent that isn’t overpowering. It’s excellent for applying to cuticles as well, I always use hand cream on my nails too, it’s a habit I’ve had for years and I can’t stop even if I tried! This size would last months, even with frequent daily use. I bought mine from eBay for the bargain price of £9.95.

I’m looking forward to trying more from the Pro Spa range, there are various other products such as a scrub, oil and serum. So keep your eyes peeled for other Pro Spa items.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx