Siskyn Luxe Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil

Hi beauties,

I have the partner to my last post today, Siskyn Skincare Oils Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil. It came in a travel duo, each bottle being 10ml in size.

Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil is High linoleic Acid making it more suitable for oilier and breakout prone skins. I was able to use these with no breakouts or problems at all. The Night Oil contains the following base oils : Safflower, Apricot, Sunflower, Flax, Evening Primrose, Borage, Rosehip, Wheatgerm, Baobab, Camellia, Calendula and the following essential oils: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lemon and Patchouli.

The fragrance is beautiful, I love Frankincense and Jasmine as well as the other essential oils in here. It’s wonderfully calming for the evening, I find it helped me wind down with a few deep inhalation’s. This Oil is a bit richer than the day Oil so perfect as a night treatment. I woke up with softer, firmer feeling skin that was so smooth. The full size is £32.00 for a 30ml or £22.00 for 10ml each of the day and night oils. To find out more go to

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Oils of Heaven Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil

Hi beauties,

Today’s post is Oils of Heaven Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil. I chose this from a You Beauty Box as I had wanted to try this brand for a while. 

Oils of Heaven have got many oils as part of their range Cacay, Argan, Moringa, Rosehip and Baobab Oils. They source them from local suppliers in a sustainable way from women’s cooperatives.

To be honest I wasn’t bowled over by this Argan Oil. I have tried many and although it’s pleasant to use, I have (I feel) used better quality, cheaper oils. You only need a couple of drops to cover your face and neck, I found this to be slightly thicker than other oils I have used. Being an oily skin type, the thinner the better for me as they tend to sink into my skin a lot more easily.

Although it states it’s a facial oil, it’s still just one ingredient of Argan Oil so I tried it on my hair too, I found that I preferred it as a hair oil. My hair is coarse so it responds to oils well, I only needed a couple of drops in damp hair and then I blow dried. My hair was left soft and shiny and felt easier to manage.

Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil is available from and is £19.00 for 30ml.

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Lucy xxx

Jane Scrivner Haul

Hi beauties, 

Jane Scrivner is a new find in Skincare for me, as for most things I hear about these days I first saw it on Instagram, where a lot of my friends were absolutely raving about her products. 

Jane has worked in the Skincare and therapy industry for 24 years. Her products are created using natural, preferably organic ingredients that have an effect on the skin. Jane tests all products on herself and says if it doesn’t make a difference, it doesn’t make it. 

I have already purchased and reviewed Jane Scrivner Intense Oil and I loved it that much that I had to get a back up, in the case of Intense Oil, this is created using a single estate Rosehip Oil from Chile and is the best quality Rosehip I have tried.

So as the Holland and Barrett half price promotion was still on I decided to get:

  • Intense Oil (back up)
  • Un-Condion Oil
  • Rose Gold Serum

From Jane direct I ordered her OO Cream which is used as a moisturiser and to seal in facial oils.

As usual there will be individual product reviews once I have tested them for a decent amount of time (at least a month) so keep your eyes open. 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Superdrug B. Haul

Hi beauties,

I have been doing some shopping recently, (look out for another haul post) and I’ve got some purchases from the High Street, the B. range from Superdrug. There was a half price promotion so I thought I would dip my toe in to the range.

B. have 4 separate lines and they are categorised in age: Phase 1 is for 20’s and 30’s age group, Phase 2 is for the late 30’s, Phase 3 for the late 40’s and Phase 4 is for late 50’s and beyond.

I chose the following products:

  • B. Radiant Overnight Mask (Phase 2)
  • B. Radiant Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil  (Phase 2)
  • B. Restored Eye Cream (Phase 3)
  • B. Nourished Cooling and Soothing Mask (Phase 4)

So you might think it’s a bit weird that I went for the Eye Cream and the Cooling and Soothing Mask as they are geared for older people. I always think prevention is better than cure, especially in terms of Eye Cream and I do have fine lines (nearly wrinkles – eek!) underneath my eyes so look to a Cream that is geared for that type of issue.

In terms of the mask, this is a mask that is hydrating but mattifying. This was developed for menopausal skin, but I was interested in the soothing aspect that doesn’t make you a greaseball. 

A disclaimer here, the wipes came free, I wouldn’t actually purchase them! All separate reviews on each product coming soon. 

All B. products are available in store and online at

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane 

Hi beauties,

I have The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane today, I got it in a haul a while ago and I’ve been testing it ever since.

Squalane is an oil derived traditionally from shark liver, however now plant sources such as aramanth seed, rice bran, wheat germ, and olives. I had heard of Squalane oil before, (thanks to Instagram!) the brand Indie Lee have one in their range which seems to be quite popular.

I first tested it on my hand on the day I got it, and I could not believe how silky it felt. I have tried many oils over the years but not quite feeling the same texture of Squalane. It’s thicker than The Ordinary Argan and Rosehip Oils and incredibly hydrating. I can use it just on its own, I don’t necessarily need a moisturiser over the top although of course if you want to, you can.

I’ve tested this Face and Body, I’ve noticed such a difference when adding it to my body lotion or butter and the hydration lasts a very long time. I can put lotion or butter on and an hour later I can put more on. Squalane just made them both richer which I need for my eczema prone body. 

I have also used a couple of drops in my hair and it’s made it very soft and shiny, you need very little though as it’s incredibly rich. If you have coarse hair like mine it responds well!

If you have very dry skin and looking for a good, reliable facial oil you can’t go much wrong with this! It is the richest of The Ordinary range and of course incredibly affordable at £5.50 for a 30ml bottle. You can get it online at

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx

Jane Scrivner Intense Oil

Hi beautiful people,

I have another facial oil today in the form of Jane Scrivner’s Intense Oil. 

Intense Oil is a cold-pressed, 100% organic, single estate Rosehip Oil from Chile. Rosehip Oil is well known as an oil that is great for Anti-ageing, it is very hydrating, can can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and can help with making skins texture smoother. 

Intense Oil is a dry oil so it sinks in really quickly, it does have the earthy smell that only Rosehip has! I’ve actually got used to it now and it does dissipate so it doesn’t hang around for ever. The first thing I did notice about this oil was the colour. It is a burnt orange colour that a beautiful quality Rosehip has. This is easily the best quality I’ve ever used, my skin absolutely loves it. 

I have had lovely results with Intense Oil, it hydrates as well as smooths my skin. It never makes me feel greasy or slick because it sinks in so quickly. My skin always feels balanced afterwards which as I’m oily I do appreciate. 

 You also don’t need much either (although I do use too much!) one pump is enough and it spreads over the skin easily, and I always follow this up with a moisturiser afterwards. I’m very impressed, in fact I already have a back up (thanks to half price at Holland and Barrett!) but at £25.00 for a 30ml of this quality of oil I feel is very reasonable. You can get it online at

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx

You beauty box


Hi beauties,

I subscribed to the You Beauty Box in April thanks to one of the lovely ladies who posted about it in a Facebook group I am part of. It is a fabulous beauty box and you get 5 products, 2 of which you can choose.

So here is what I received:

  • Hask Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment
  • Neom Daily De-Stress Burst Capsule
  • Neom Daily Energy Boosting Capsule
  • The Organic Pharmacy Marigold & Comfrey Hand Cream
  • A D Skin Synergy Limited Edition Rose Geranium Nourishing Night Treatment

I chose the hand cream and the facial oil, regular readers will not be surprised by those choices!! I have wanted to try the A D Skin Synergy oil for a long time so I was so pleased to see this was a part of the box this month. You also get a brochure telling you about the products and at the back there are some discount vouchers.

The price including delivery is £6.95 per month, considering the hand cream is £21.95 and the facial oil is £38.00 this is bonkers value! I already subscribe to the Blogger Beauty Box every month and I will keep up with this one as it is such an affordable price that has 2 full size items in. You can sign up here:

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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