Decleor Intense Nutrition Lip Balm

Hi beauties,

As you may know, I am a fan of Decleor. There are many products from the brand that I really love (Aromessence Neroli anyone??) so I wanted to try the lip balm for such a long time. The only problem is, the duo (how they were sold) were often out of stock on QVC, therefore making it a while before I could get my hands (or rather my lips!) on it.

To be honest, I prefer lip balms in a tube or a lipstick type of component. Having long nails they are much easier to use that way and more hygienic, but this is a pot. You need to swirl your finger around the pot to melt some of the balm and then apply it to your lips. It is a very rich formula with Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil, it's slightly herby with essential oil of Marjoram.

I have to say I have a confession: I hate lip balms. So why is she reviewing one I hear you ask?? My lips are the least looked after part of my skincare regime. I grew up using Vaseline (don't judge, I didn't know any better!!) which I felt was thick, greasy and didn't actually DO anything for my lips. As soon as I realised mineral oil doesn't work for me and developed a passionate hatred for it (long story, but generally it was in whatever crap my GP prescribed for my eczema and made it worse) I tried to find balms that didn't have mineral oil but I really struggled to find any so I gave up. I hate the feeling of balms on my lips, I can keep it on for about 10 minutes and then have to wipe it off, I find it so uncomfortable. At first, I didn't like the feeling but I know I was applying too much in my aim to help the chapping. I adjusted how much I was applying and also swiped around the pot for longer so it melted down easily to a thinner texture.

Intense Nutrition is a great lip balm, having smoked for over 20 years (I gave up in September 2016) I am now conscious of getting the dreaded lines and puckering. I apply this mainly at night and over my lip line too.

In short, this balm is great even for lip balm haters. Just make sure you melt it enough in the pot by swirling your finger around a little longer so you don't apply too much. I bought mine in a duo from QVCUK for £12.52, singly it is £10.50.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx