Feather and Down All Purpose Sleep Balm

Hi beauties I love Feather and Down, it’s my go to brand for sleep inducing products, the fragrance is simply divine. The Feather and Down All Purpose Sleep Balm is a great travel product, it has all the beautiful lavender and chamomile scent that the rest of the range has, but it’s in a handyContinue reading “Feather and Down All Purpose Sleep Balm”

Elemis Sea Lavender and Samphire Shower Milk

Hi beauties, I love Elemis body products, I find them just as luxurious as their skincare. And of course they don’t use ingredients such as SLS and mineral oil that I like to avoid. Sea Lavender and Samphire has to be one of my favourite aromatics from Elemis and its wonderfully unisex. It doesn’t smellContinue reading “Elemis Sea Lavender and Samphire Shower Milk”

Soaper Duper Shea Butter Body Wash

Hi beauties, Today I have the Soaper Duper Rich and Creamy Shea Butter Body Wash, I think I got this in a Latest In Beauty Box sometime last year. I don’t live near a Tesco that stock the brand so I was interested to try it. This body wash has a gorgeous texture to it,Continue reading “Soaper Duper Shea Butter Body Wash”

Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Shower Gel and Bath Foam

Hi beauties, Today I have a shower product from Faith in Nature, Lavender and Geranium Shower Gel and Bath Foam. I love lavender, it is my favourite essential oil. I know a lot of people don’t like it and find it old fashioned but if you get a good quality oil I find it’s moreContinue reading “Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Shower Gel and Bath Foam”

SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif

Hi beauties, I have another Laboratoire SVR product today, Topialyse Baume Intensif. This is an intensive body lotion for severely dry skin so I knew this one for me. Topialyse is a surprisingly light texture that sinks in easily, contains Omega 3,6,9 and Niacinamide. It soothes your skin quickly stops the god awful itching thatContinue reading “SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif”

Skin Republic Foot Peel Foot Mask

Hi beauties, I have a confession to make: I have seriously scabby feet. I mean so scabby I would be totally ashamed to post a picture of them. Think yellow heels….I’ll leave that lovely thought with you. So I thought I have to do something about them. I struggle using my electric pedi thing, IContinue reading “Skin Republic Foot Peel Foot Mask”

Senspa Relaxing Body Wash

Hi beauties, Today I have a body wash from Senspa, in their relaxing scent. I was really impressed with the Body Butter from this range, the fragrance is absolutely divine, it contains essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli and Geranium. This body wash contains no SLS, so very gentle on your skin. This is whatContinue reading “Senspa Relaxing Body Wash”

Laboratoire SVR Topialyse Baume Lavant

Hi beauties, A brand I have found some brilliant products from is Laboratoire SVR, Topialyse Baume Lavant. The Topialyse range is for very dry skins, like the Topialyse Huile Lavante Micellaire I reviewed earlier. The Baume Lavant is a much richer texture and thicker than the oil, I have used this for cleansing my faceContinue reading “Laboratoire SVR Topialyse Baume Lavant”

Feather and Down Melting Shower Cream

Hi beauties, Having trouble relaxing in the evening? Then I have just the product for you. Feather and Down are a brand that concentrates on creating products that improve on our ability to sleep. Sweet Dreams Melting Shower Cream is beautiful! Like the Pillow Spray, the fragrance is lavender and chamomile, which for me workContinue reading “Feather and Down Melting Shower Cream”

Feather and Down Sleep Butter

Hello beauties, I adore the Feather and Down Sleep Pillow Spray, it is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I smelled the fragrance I rushed to Boots online to place an order for practically the whole range. Sleep Butter is so beautiful, it’s a gorgeous texture that melts into your skin. I use it all overContinue reading “Feather and Down Sleep Butter”