Elemis Pro Collagen Super Serum

Hi beauties,

This is a great product that I wanted to review as Elemis is one of my favourite brands and I had heard so many good things about the Pro Collagen Super Serum. I purchased the 15ml bottle that lasted me about 6 weeks, I already love Pro Collagen Marine Cream I wanted to supercharge those results and see what all the hype was about.

The serum is quite thick and has an oily texture so I did find that I could feel that I was wearing it which I haven’t had with another serum before especially when you have to put a moisturiser over the top. That said, it does glide over the skin very easily, so I found that a little goes a very long way. The smell is absolutely beautiful, the similar kind of smell of Pro Collagen Marine cream but it is not overpowering.

I can say I was very impressed with the results that I had with this product, it really did reduce the wrinkles underneath my eyes and made them look so much better. As I only used it for about 6 weeks they are obviously still there, so I think I may have to get another bottle to carry on the great result I had. My number one line on my forehead was even more reduced and it has always been more stubborn as I frown a lot when I am concentrating. I didn’t think that it would be as brilliant for lines as I had heard it has been. I found also that I didn’t need to add as much moisturiser over the top as the serum is rich. Oilier skins may find this too much, however if you have dry skin I think you would find the combination of both is fine for you.

This serum is excellent, as it was Elemis I didn’t think I would be disappointed but it really did exceed my expectation. If lines and wrinkles are your main concern give this a try, I think you would enjoy it. Elemis Pro Collagen Super Serum in the 15ml pump bottle is only available at QVCUK for £42.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Manicure of the Day 21/07/15

 Hello Lovelies,

As I am sure you all know by now, I do love my reds and although this looks quite similar to my Mani of the Day 17/07/15 these are two cream shades from OPI. Big Apple Red is a fantastic classic red shade, one of OPI’s top selling colours. I absolutely love it and I think its safe to say one of my OPI favourites.

I Stop For OPI is more of a tomato colour so a lot lighter than the Big Apple Red, I personally don’t think you can have too many shades of red in a polish collection and I do enjoy having accent nails. I usually struggle to decide what to wear so what better than 2 colours rather than 1! 

Both of these shades are OPI’s usual good quality and easy to paint. Also clean up is a breeze too which with reds isn’t always the case. I love it when clean up is minimal, I get so frustrated if you have to remove a nail because you can’t clean it up decently.

So these two shades are staples for me and totally gorgeous! 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher

Hi beauties

I wanted to talk about a blush that I absolutely love and that is Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Fluid Blusher in So Pretty. Daniel is a fabulous UK makeup artist with a great portfolio of makeup products.

This is a blush that really does live up to it’s name, So Pretty! In fact it should be called Stunning as the colour is so beautiful. It is a medium toned pink that would suit all skin tones and extremely easy to wear.

I am very pale so I need a decent punchy colour for a blush but something that isn’t overpowering. So Pretty is absolutely perfect for me as it is the only blush that lasts all day on my oily skin. It has a very subtle sparkle to it (which the camera didn’t pick up) but don’t be put off by that, it won’t make you look like a glitterball.

You need a tiny dot of this product so a 15ml bottle will last you forever!! I would definitely recommend you use this with Daniel’s divine Waterbrush, this is shaped perfectly for my chubby little face so I can get the best application.

You can build colour very easily, from the sheerest wash to a more intense look. I tend to use a drop for each cheek, I put a drop on the back of my hand, pick it up with the Waterbrush and then sweep it over my cheeks towards my hairline.

This is the blush that has pretty much made all the other blushes I own redundant as the results and longevity are so fantastic for me I don’t really use powder blush anymore. It’s also so easy to use and build it is a versatile product. I have used it on lips too and it is a great long lasting stain.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush is available from http://www.danielsandler.com at £15.50 and the Waterbrush is £15.50. The site does have an offer at the moment that if you buy the two together you save 20%.  Give it a try, it truly is excellent!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Tag You’re IT! The Blogger Interview


Hi beauties,

I was tagged by the lovely Allie from http://www.the-makeup-issue.blogspot.co.uk to be a part of a blogger interview post. I am new to blogging like Allie, so a great opportunity to answer a few questions.

  1. How did you get into blogging?

I love reading blogs and I am passionate about beauty so I had been toying with starting a blog for a long time. Due to ill health (I have joint damage in my spine) I had to leave my job in 2012 and wanted to do something with the long days I am stuck at home. I had started to post some brief reviews of products on my Instagram page and always had a positive response so I thought I would begin a blog firstly so I don’t bore the pants off my Other Half every time I got a new beauty product I was raving about and spread the word about things I love.

2. What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?

I would say that you have to write about what genuinely excites you, there is nothing more I love than to discuss beauty with anyone who will listen to me and I hope that comes across in my posts. I think it is much more engaging if you are passionate and enthusiastic about your subject. Also promote your blog on your social sites but don’t spam as that is a very fast way of annoying potential readers. I recently unfollowed a couple of people on Twitter because every message was practically the same blog posts and it drives me mad!

3. What would be your dream campaign?

To be honest I am not sure!! That might sound a bit strange but I am so new to the blogging world that I haven’t actually thought that far ahead. One project that I am thrilled to be involved in is the 30 Plus Blog Collective started by Hayley at http://www.londonbeautyqueen.com which is about spreading the word about fantastic blogs written by bloggers over 30. There are many categories recognised so it’s not just about beauty, but the main point was to let the world know that just because us ladies are over 30 doesn’t mean we become invisible and don’t have a voice. Beauty is for all ages whether you are 19 or 90!

4. Do you have a plan for your blog?

The only plan I have so far is just continue writing! I have enjoyed blogging so much and it has given me a sense of purpose. I get up in the morning excited about what posts to plan and what new purchases I can make! Being at home all day can be a bit isolating and I can’t always get out and about, it really depends on how my pain levels are day to day. I have also learned so much through reading other blogs too,  so I always love discovering new blogs and their authors.

So I tag the following blogs:


Ashley at http://www.mysomewhatbeauty.wordpress.com


Sarah at http://www.IamFabulicious.com

Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

 Hello lovelies,

This is a strange product in that it is a mattifying product but there is no powder. As you may know, I have oily skin that drives me crazy so I am interested in anything that will help the dreaded shine!

Mally is an American makeup artist with a makeup range that she sells on QVC America and QVCUK. She is a very exuberant character and it’s hard not to like her! She seems to develop products that are extremely clever that no one has thought of before.

The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is a balm that with the sponge provided, you pat gently over your face to stop the shine, hide fine lines and pores. You simply press the sponge into the compact and tap the product over your makeup. Try not to swiped as this can remove whatever base you have applied and you would have to start again.

I think it is very good at stopping shine, but I can’t say that it gets rid of pores or fine lines so that’s where it falls down for me, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype which is a shame. It’s also very expensive at £35.04, although you don’t need much but I do think it’s a big outlay for one purchase. And because it doesn’t deliver all that it claims I don’t think I could justify replacing it when it does run out but I am glad I tried it.

So a bit disappointing I’m afraid, good for stopping the midday shine (or at any time of day!) but for me at least doesn’t leave me poreless.

Have you come across this product? If so what did you think?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Manicure of the Day 17/07/15

Hello lovelies,

For this manicure I used the new Kiko No.491 shade I picked up in July’s Nail Polish Haul Part Two (Click here to read) and Kiko No.492 I picked up in Nail Polish Haul post (Click here to read).

No.491 is a beautiful bright orange, totally opaque in 2 coats and so easy to wear. I think it’s perfect for this time of year, as it is so vibrant. It looks gorgeous in the sun and the gloss is fantastic. I have been very impressed with the quality of Kiko polishes, they are a dream to apply. The brush is decent and clean up is very easy too, which is the bane of my life but I have not had too much to do with any I have used so far.

No. 492 is a beautiful shade with a metallic finish with a gold shimmer, again very easy to apply. You definitely need two coats with this one to build up the shimmer, I think this is a shade you could wear all year round, it’s certainly one that will go well into autumn. I would recommend trying Kiko products, I have got my eye on a few things to try the next time I go into town.

Have you tried any Kiko? If so what do you think?

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Favourite moisturisers

Hello there,

I wanted to talk about my favourite moisturisers  for this post and when I collected them all up for photos I didn’t actually realise how many I had.

Ok to start off, is Liz Earle Skin Repair technically this is just one moisturiser but throughout the year I do use all three variants. Skin Repair is a beautifully sandalwood scented cream and it contains Avocado oil, Borage (also known as starflower) oil and naturally sourced Vitamin E. At this time of year I use Skin Repair Light as my day moisturiser and then in autumn/winter I step up to Normal/Combination and Dry/Sensitive depending on how my skin is behaving. Liz’s philosophy when creating this is that oilier skin needs hydrating with oil as our skin is made of oil, she doesn’t believe in oil free formulas. I adore this product and I have been using it for many years now, the smell is so beautifully comforting. The Light option is more of a lotion that goes into the skin very easily with no grease. I usually repurchase Skin Repair as part of a set from either Liz Earle direct or QVC as it is a bit more expensive than I would pay for a day to day moisturiser. Skin Repair is £20.25 for 50ml.

Currently my night cream is Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream. I was fortunate enough to get 4 of the Christmas TSV’s from QVC last year so I have had quite a decent stock! Pro Collagen is a versatile moisturiser that you can use under your eyes and down to your neck and decollete, I do find that the longer I use it the less I actually use which is great as it’s not the cheapest option for me. I tend to try and find it online, you can get it in tubes from eBay and that does make it a bit more affordable. The formula is a lovely light gel-cream texture that I find brilliant for my skin. Many anti ageing creams are thick and heavy, so for an oily skin type it can feel stifling and greasy. As you readers know, I am in my mid 30’s so anti ageing is firmly on my radar. It has a great effect on my skin, leaves it soft and smooth and also when I do use it under my eyes my lines look so much better! The fragrance is gorgeous, so lovely, fresh and clean so I think that’s probably why men like it so much as it isn’t overly girly. A fantastic all round anti ageing moisturiser and if budget were no option I would use it all the time. Pro Collagen Marine Cream is £50.00 for 30ml.

A great budget option is Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser. I used this a lot last Summer as a day lotion and was really pleased how good it was for my skin. It didn’t leave my shiny or greasy which I really hate (I have to blot, a lot!) and more importantly is mineral oil free. Contains extracts of Bilberry, Rosehip and Vitamin E, it’s lightly hydrating and sinks in very quickly. Morning Dew is £4.95 for 100ml.

(Photo credit: http://www.qvcuk.com)

SBC Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream is another I keep going back to, it’s more focused on anti ageing and a slightly richer texture that I find I need in the colder months. It contains Oxysomes which contains encapsulated Vitamin C and Vitamin E.with a base cream containing Vitamin A. SBC say this keeps the vitamins more potent so you get the best benefit from them. This moisturiser is more for those who have the early signs of ageing and preventing any further damage. Vitamin ACE is £29.00 for 100ml.

(Photo credit: http://www.qvcuk.com)

SBC Collagen Day & Night Cream is for those who already see the signs of ageing, again this is a light gel cream texture but still very hydrating. My skin loves this moisturiser so when I can’t afford Pro Collagen, I turn to this instead. It contains soluble Collagen Oceagen along with Kukui seed and passion flower oils. It makes my skin feel hydrated and firmer, I alternate Collagen in the evening with Vitamin ACE during the day. For me these two moisturisers are a definite repurchase as ml for ml they represent the best value for anti ageing properties.

As I mentioned in my post about the Gatineau Melatogenine mask (Click here to read) I sometimes use this over a night cream I use for extra plumping of lines and hydration. You can just use the mask on it’s own as a night cream if you wish to.

What are your moisturisers of choice? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx