Elizabeth Grant Supreme Essence of Torricelumn

 Hello lovelies,

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Essence of Torricelumn was included in my October Blogger Beauty Box (click here to read) and I had heard about this product before so was really excited to try it.

This is a serum to help moisturise, plump out lines and wrinkles and evens out skin imperfections. I’ve been using it day and night for 3 weeks, it definitely moisturises and makes my skin feel smooth. I found it helped with the lines underneath my eyes but I don’t know if it was just because of the moisturising properties or the anti wrinkle ingredients. To be honest, either way I am happy because it has the effect that I want!

It is a very light serum, easily absorbed into the skin. I have an oily skin type and this wasn’t too much at all. I did use my normal moisturiser over the top, my skin felt comfortable , soft and smooth. It isn’t greasy so there isn’t a nasty after feel, it has a light scent that goes very quickly so not something that will overwhelm. I think in the Summer it would be moisturising for me on it’s own. A good base for concealer underneath my eyes which I was surprised by, I often find that can crack.

I am really impressed with this serum, I love the way it makes my skin feel and look. My skin looks plumper, firmer and well hydrated. As for skin imperfections I am not sure it helps as the only thing I am majorly concerned with pigmentation and I’ve not noticed any improvement in that. The other thing that impressed me was the amount of product you get, this comes in a 100ml size which would last months. I think it is one of those that does work and you don’t need to worry about it running out too quickly. So thank you Vix (Vix Meldrew put these fabulous boxes together) this product is a real winner!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx




Leighton Denny Front Row Fashion Nailcare Collection

Hello lovelies,

The long awaited Christmas TSV from Leighton Denny The Front Row Collection was no let down! I was so excited to see this as it included fabulous essentials as well as gorgeous colour.

The set included (from left):

  • A handbag sized Crystal Nail File
  • Brand New Treatment As Good As Gold
  • Crystal Finish Top Coat
  • Undercover Base Coat
  • Illuminating Hand Cream
  • Show Us Your Strut
  • In The Spotlight
  • Backstage Pass
  • The After Party

all in a gorgeous gift box with a leaflet explaining how to use the treatments, so this is a perfect gift for any Leighton Denny fan.

I was so pleased to have the smaller crystal nail file in a beautiful case that I can keep in my handbag. This is the only file I will use, I am a file snob. I find it so quick and easy to use, even if I am taking a lot of length off my nails, you can file back and forth which is a complete no no with any other file.

The new treatment is As Good As Gold, a gel based treatment you use on naked nails. It contains real gold to hydrate your nails and as it is gel sinks in so quickly. You only need a tiny bit, so a 11ml bottle will last a long time.

Crystal Finish is Leighton’s full gloss top coat, it leaves a gorgeous glossy shine to protect your colour.

Undercover Base coat is an unusual base as it dries matte to grip your colour and make it last longer. This has a concealer like finish so you can use it as a colour if you wish to.

Illuminating Hand Cream is Leighton’s brilliant Best Defence formula but will illuminating particles that add a subtle sheen to your skin. It is beautiful!

And now for the colours!! They are stunning, starting with Show Us Your Strut. This is a nude with a silver shimmer, I found I needed 3 coats to get the best coverage.

In The Spotlight is a champagne gold colour metallic finish, great to use in combination with any of the others, especially the glitter.

Backstage Pass is a maroon red with a stunning shimmer, I think this just pips the post as my favourite out of the collection.

The After Party is a truly gorgeous (I am running out of adjectives here!!) silver glitter with gold leaf in. It has different sized particles so you can use it as a traditional  topper or build up for complete coverage.

I think this has been the best collection from Leighton in a while, it was supposed to be a Christmas present but I had to have it immediately which I think says it all! It was also incredible value at £32.56 for over £105.00 worth of products. Thank you QVC and Leighton for an amazing set.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose

 Hello beauties,

This gorgeous blush from Xenca Organic Makeup I received in my October Blogger Beauty Box (click here to read) and I was so pleased it was blush as I am not a big wearer of eye makeup. I had not heard of the brand before but I am very interested in organic skincare and makeup. This is Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose which is perfect for my skin tone.

As you can see it is a true traditional rose colour, it looks matte, but there is a very subtle shimmer that runs through the blush which you see more on the skin than you can in the pan.


If I had been able to pick the makeup item, this blush is definitely what I would choose. It lifts my pale skin and makes me look alive, I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I received it. I adore it! It’s the perfect colour and it really does last on my skin. You can just see the golden shimmer that runs through the blush, it warms me up without my skin looking muddy which why I can’t use bronzer. It’s also a huge 9.5g size that will last for ever!

Xenca do a range of supplements as well as their skincare and makeup offering, I am looking into trying their foundation as I prefer a pressed powder formula for more coverage.

I’m really impressed with this blush and can’t wait to try more from the range. Xenca Perfection Blush in Rose is £17.95 and available from https://www.xenca.com/

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Manicure of the Day 04/10/15


Hey lovelies,

This is my most favourite time of year for me to do my nails, I always enjoy doing them but I really favour the darker more vampy colours we can wear during Autumn/Winter.

So the colours I chose for this mani were Nails Inc Gel Effect Old Bond Street and China Glaze De-Light. In real life the Old Bond Street can look a bit more blue/purple, in the photo it looks like its leaning a bit more toward teal. China Glaze De-Light is just that, a fab glitter topper with predominantly gold flakes, but there are holographic bar pieces that really catch the light. I like glitter toppers as I think you get that bit of bling without being too in your face even if you use it over all nails. Sometimes I want to be able to see the base colour as well.

As this is a Nails Inc Gel effect, the formula is fab and with the amazing brush that I never get tired of using. It makes polishing so easy and quick! Big fan of Nails Inc anyway but when they released the new brush I was over the moon. Virtually no clean up, that is such a joy!

Be prepared to see much more blues and purples over the next few months, I don’t ever bored of them so I hope you won’t either!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Argan + Synergy Precious Oil Elixir

 Hello beauty lovers,

I have written a post on  Argan + Synergy before about their gorgeous body butter (click here to read) and I picked up another bottle of the Argan + Synergy Argan Oil Precious Oil Elixir again recently as it is a brilliant multi use product.

The oil is 100% natural oil blend of Argan, Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inci oils with the gorgeous essential oils of ginger, black pepper, lavender, thyme, vetiver and bitter orange. It smells heavenly! It is more of a spicy scent, it makes a change to have a more woody, spicy fragrance instead of the usual florals.

I use this in a multitude of ways, as a facial oil I tip up the bottle 3 times on my first three fingers and then smooth the oil between my hands and press onto my skin. I do the same to use as a body oil after I have had a shower, I leave my skin damp so it spreads a little further. I use this in my hair, one drop before blow-drying, I use a few more as a treatment and sleep in it shampooing out in the morning. The oil is fabulous on cuticles and hands too as a treatment in the evening before bed.

This oil is a fine texture that sinks in very easily with no greasy after feel. I am well used to using oils but I don’t like to necessarily feel them on my skin and do hate anything greasy. I find it very pleasurable to use and you really don’t need to use a lot so a 50ml bottle will last a good while. The value I think is brilliant for such a beautiful blend, Argan + Synergy Precious Oil Elixir is available at Waitrose at £12.99.

Till next time,


Lucy xxx

Revitalift Filler Renew Serum

 Hello lovelies,

I had been wanting to try L’Oreal Revitalift Filler Renew Serum for a while after reading several positive reviews so when it was on a special offer in Boots a couple of months ago I snapped it up.

My first thing that I noticed is the packaging, very funky but also a very small 15ml so I did wonder how long it would last. I was most interested to see what the results would be around my eyes and also my neck as they are main areas of concern.

The serum is extremely light and sinks in well, it really does plump up your skin making it feel softer, smoother and firmer. I noticed the firm feeling immediately and this product is great for underneath your moisturiser, make up goes on well afterwards. I felt my skin looked rested and revived.

However I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skins. I am not sensitive in any way, but this did have a burning feeling when I applied it. It did dissipate after a while but I was concerned as I wanted to use it around my eyes, I tested this for a few days and it happened every time so unfortunately I stopped using it. I have used a few hyaluronic acid serums before and not had any problems so I am not sure what ingredient in here that didn’t agree with me.

I was disappointed with this but only because it didn’t suit me. I think it definitely works to remoisturise and plump out your skin so does what it says it will do. L’Oreal Revitalift Filler Renew Serum is currently available at Boots at the reduced price of £9.99.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Manicure of the Day 25/09/15


Hello lovelies,

I do like me a bit of pink! Years ago there was no way I would entertain pink on my nails at all, I was all about the red and the dark shades but I remember looking at this in my local Superdrug and thought I could wear that. It was I think the polish I used in my first Instagram manicure which got a lot of attention.

This combination is Max Factor Glossfinity Candy Rose and Nails Inc Devonshire Close, both polishes are so pretty and I think go well together. Candy Rose is a very elegant but understated pink that can definitely be worn by all ages. I think it’s also a bit more neutral so easy to use with your wardrobe, good for work or going out.

Devonshire Close is a great glitter, goes on easily and LASTS! So it does take a bit of removal, but it is worth it. I don’t think this picture really does it justice unfortunately as you can’t quite see the rose coloured particles.

I kept this one on for quite a while (longer than 3 days!) and I got a lot of compliments on it when I was out and about. Definitely one I would recreate.

Till next time,


Lucy xxx