Beauty Pie Liquid Lipsticks

Hi beauties

Today I have some Beauty Pie makeup with their lip colours. I’m sure you all know of my love of Matte Liquid Lipstick, they are my favourite textures.

I thought all 4 were Matte however the bottom two are gloss types. The colours I went for are:

Fantasticolour Liquid Lipstick in Winner

Fantasticolour Liquid Lipstick in Charm Inc

3D Shine Liquid Lipstick in Electric Currant

3D Shine Liquid Lipstick in Toasted.

The two matte shades are my favourites, the 3D Shines aren’t really for me but that’s my mistake. They do wear quite well but not as well as the matte formulas. There are a couple of other shades I want to get so as soon as I get my allowance I am sure I will add those to my collection.

Prices are £4.54 for the matte shades for members £20.00 for non members, 3D Shine Liquid Lipstick is £3.46 for members or £20.00 for non members.

Even those the 3D Shine’s wouldn’t be my first choice I have enjoyed wearing them, pigment in both formulas are amazing and really do cover well. Most importantly comfortable to wear, I definitely want more!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


MuLondon Lavender Moisturiser

Hi beauties,

In January I received a care package from a very dear friend Elizabeth (my.skinology on Instagram) and included was this moisturiser from MuLondon.

MuLondon was created by Boris and inspired by traditional herbalism, after developing eczema and psoriasis Boris started to research the use of ingredients his mother told him about whilst he was growing up and made natural remedies to his skin difficulties.

I love “natural” products and use a lot of them, my favourite essential oil is Lavender so was really interested in trying this. My skin was very topsy turvy at the time of testing, dry and oily with flakiness and breakouts, I pared back my routine simply to cleansing and moisturising.

Lavender Moisturiser is a Shea Butter base and very rich. You need a TINY amount, warm a small amount between your palms and apply. This is really a multi use product, I’m still using it just not on my face now my skin is back to normal. It makes a fabulous hand and nail treatment, great on any dry and flaky or irritated skin you may have. It’s a very good product to have available to use top to toe.

The fragrance is absolutely divine, I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s really a concentrated product so while it seems expensive at 50ml for £19.00 I use it frequently and have more than half left which I think is really good going. There is a fragrance free version for you sensitive peeps as well as other versions such as hemp. Go to to find out more.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Decleor 1000 Grain Exfoliator

Hi beauties,

I have a beautiful product today, Decleor 1000 Grain Exfoliator. I bought this in a fabulous kit from QVCUK which also included their gorgeous Systeme Corps Body Milk.

1000 Grain Exfoliator is a dual phase Scrub, with Pearl Sugar, Argan shells and Orange Peel as well as fruit acids from Grape, Pineapple and Passionfruit. It turns from a Gel to an oil as you massage it into your skin, add water and it turns into a milk.

My skin feels gorgeous after using this scrub. The sunflower oil moisturises so even my sensitive skin (as long as I’m sensible!) can cope with being scrubbed. So smooth afterwards with a light fragrance of exotic fruits, that weirdly I love. I use 1000 Grain very often as a hand scrub, at least twice a week as part of my manicure routine.

A full size 200ml directly from Decleor is £29.00 which to be honest isn’t in my usual price range so I would always try and get it in a kit! You don’t need loads though so even though it’s expensive it would last a few months. It is gorgeous though so I shall savour it for as long as I can!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Laboratoire SVR Topialyse Baume Lavant

Hi beauties,

A brand I have found some brilliant products from is Laboratoire SVR, Topialyse Baume Lavant.

The Topialyse range is for very dry skins, like the Topialyse Huile Lavante Micellaire I reviewed earlier. The Baume Lavant is a much richer texture and thicker than the oil, I have used this for cleansing my face and body.

Baume Lavant contains Niacinamide and Omegas 3,6,9. It’s a beautiful product to use, it’s fragrance free so great for sensitive skin. It’s been brilliant for helping to clean my skin without stripping and keeping my skin hydrated. Perfect for when I’m having an eczema flare up it’s very soothing and calming.

Baume Lavant is suitable for the whole family, it helps to relieve the itching associated dry skin conditions and keeps your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours.

This will be a repeat purchase for me, I absolutely love it. I bought this 400ml from Feel Unique for £15.00, it is available at discount pharmacy for £11.59.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Beauty Pie Box 3

Hi beauties

Beauty Pie Box Number 3 and I chose makeup for this one. I’m really impressed with the nail polishes I’ve tried from the brand before, so I was keen to try more colours.

I chose:

  • One Powder Wonder Perfecting Powder
  • Smart Powder Blush in Daydreamer
  • Smart Powder Blush in Ring My Bell
  • Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish Nude For Thought
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish Supernude
  • Wondercolour Nail Polish in Riot Act Red

I upgraded my subscription to £20.00 per month for this month which gave me a shopping allowance of £200.00.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Skin Pep Hydro-Gel Décolletage Anti Wrinkle Neckline Mask

Hi beauties,

I have a confession to make: I’m not the biggest fan of Sheet masks. I know, I am sure some of you may be surprised at that but I do have a good reason for it, and one where this product comes in.

Sheet masks only cover your face, I’m a big believer of Caroline Hirons mantra of “take it to the tits” and when using normal masks I always take them down my neck to my chest. This is where Skin Pep’s Hydro-Gel Décolleté Anti Wrinkle Neckline Mask comes in perfectly.

The mask contains some great ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Glycerin, Snail Secretion, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Royal Jelly and Coenzyme Q10. After Cleansing and toning, apply the mask for 30-40 minutes. I did have to adjust it a few times but I was more than happy with the results of using this mask. The lines around my neck were much less noticeable and my skin was so soft!

You can get these masks from Amazon, individually at £2.99 each or £8.49 for 5. Great value for a mask for a difficult to treat area of skin.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Green Keratin Skincare*

Hello beauties,

Last month a brand called Green Keratin reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a beauty box made up of products that would fit my skin type. I had already bought a moisturiser and a mask so was really interested in trying more.

Green Keratin is a independent U.K. brand creating natural products in Bristol. They very kindly sent me the following products to test:

  • Hyaluronic C Perfecting Face Wash
  • Hyaluronic C Perfecting Facial Toner
  • HA Gel Serum
  • Manuka and Vitamin A Clarifying Facial Oil
  • Manuka Re-balancing Face Mask

I have been testing them all for around 4 weeks and here is what I think.

Hyaluronic C Perfecting Face Wash is gorgeous. A light gel texture that foams without using SLS, with a beautiful fragrance of Rose Geranium. Perfect for an AM or second cleanse, it’s wonderfully refreshing. A 150ml pump bottle is £14.95.

The only product that wasn’t my cup of tea was the toner. Not because it isn’t hydrating (you know I love a spritz!) the fragrance isn’t for me. I got a licorice/aniseed type of scent which I wasn’t keen on. Otherwise the toner is like the cleanser, very refreshing. A 100ml bottle is £13.95

My favourite product of all is the Manuka and Vitamin A Facial Oil. It’s truly fabulous, for me it helps balance my oiliness while still having the effects of hydration I love from an oil. I haven’t had any breakouts since using it, not even the usual hormonal spots around my jawline. Manuka and Vitamin A Facial Oil is light and sinks in so quickly. The value is immense, a 50ml bottle is £19.95. It’s an absolute winner!

HA Gel Serum is a fab light lotion, I’ve used it as a serum under moisturiser and with the oil as a light Emulsion. Another beautiful scent of the Rose Geranium, it’s versatile and so easy to use. I have really enjoyed using this Serum. For a 50ml bottle the price is £19.95 so exceptional value for money.

The re-balancing Mask is also great, it’s a clay mask that takes about 10 minutes, I loved the effect this had on my skin. Afterwards my skin felt clean and looked really clear. I used this twice a week and saw the benefits very quickly. A 50ml jar is £12.95.

I must stress the quality of the ingredients for the price range is fantastic, (I’ll be doing a separate review of the moisturiser and other Mask later). In my opinion the products are brilliant, both in terms of ingredients and value for money. There are many more products from the brand I would like to try, so I’m sure you will see much more from them on the blog!

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Green Keratin, I’ve enjoyed using the products so much, there are definitely things from this box I want to have again! Especially the facial oil, it’s truly amazing. I’m also very pleased to try products from a UK independent brand. You will find GK at

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*Products Gifted by the brand