Amie Rose and Argan Super Renewing Moisture Mask*

Hi beauties

This review has been a long time coming so I apologise to Amie for the delay.

Amie is a brand I’ve blogged about before, they have lovely products for excellent prices. Their cleanser is really great quality and under a fiver which you really can’t quibble with.

Amie very kindly sent me this Rose and Argan Super Renewing Moisture Mask. Rose and Argan is the premium part of the range, however I think the prices are very reasonable.

Onto the product itself! This is a moisture mask that plumps and rehydrates the skin, I have oily skin and it didn’t break me out which I’m always a bit wary of. It’s a gorgeous light gel texture making it easy to apply. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.

The smell is beautiful, I love Rose scents. I find it calming and soothing, making this mask a pleasure to use and well as making your skin feel lovely and smooth as well as hydrated. The price is reasonable at £14.95 for 50ml, and is available in Waitrose stores as well as online from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Mask*

Hi beauties,

I cannot believe that I haven’t done a post on this mask yet, how remiss of me!! Gatineau very kindly offered to send me this and to be honest it was a lovely gift in what has been a horrible time.

I’ve been using a very pared back routine, (literally 3 steps, cleanse, serum and moisturise as I haven’t had all my products back with my Mum and Dad) and to be honest I’ve not had a lot of energy to dedicate to my usual routine. It’s been a case of cleaning my skin and mindlessly slapping some moisture back into my skin. So I’ve been using this normally as a moisture mask but leaving it on all night to get the most out of it. I know I’m getting good ingredients such as the wrinkle fighting Melatogenine to help make me look better even if I don’t feel like it.

This is my most favourite mask ever, I’ve used it for a long time, it’s smoothing, hydrating and really helps bring the bloom back to your skin. It’s a beautiful cream texture, so not one of those clays that set hard and it’s versatile. It can be a quick 10 Minute Mask in the morning or an all night treat you don’t have to remove just apply, pop your ‘jama’s on and get ready to hit the hay.

Thank you to Lia and the Gatineau team for this lovely treat, it has been very much appreciated. If you want to try Melatogenine Futur Plus Mask, hop over to and check out their special deal.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*Gifted by the brand

December Latest in Beauty Box

Hi beauties

It’s LIB time!! Yay…!! Love taking the time to pick my choices and the anticipation of them arriving, very exciting stuff. Yes, I really ought to get out more. So this months choices are:

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Jingle Red Rock
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Sleigh All Day
  • Simple Hydrating Booster
  • Bee Good Plump & Firm Moisturiser
  • Collection Speedy Blush In Pinch Me
  • Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy

Heavy on hydration this month but it can’t hurt. For the first time in my life I’m struggling with dryness which I’m finding really bad. The texture of my skin isn’t great either but I’m trying not to go mental and do too much too it.

Anyhoo, I have the 6 product box subscription that costs £15.00 per month, and I think you can easily see the value here. The list of choices on the Latest in Beauty is huge and is updated regularly so as much as I was gutted it was originally changed from You Beauty, I’m keeping this subscription, I’m really pleased with it. Go to to find out more.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Gatineau Aquamemory High Hydration Cream Mask

Hi beauties

I have Gatineau Aquamemory High Hydration Cream Mask today. I love masks so I was very excited to be gifted this by my lovely friend Cath as I hadn’t actually tried this one before. My all time favourite mask is Gatineau’s Melatogenine Futur Plus Mask which to be honest, is the mutt’s nuts.

Anyway, back to Aquamemory which is for dehydrated skin. We will all suffer from dehydration at some point, rather than being a skin type (dry, oily, combo or normal) it is a skin condition. I think the terms dry and dehydrated can get mixed up at times and people can get confused.  Aquamemory High Hydration Cream Mask contains Osmaporine Technology, this is for maintaining moisture levels in the skin and bring immediate relief to dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants are also included for long lasting hydration and protection against water loss.

Aquamemory is a gorgeous cream texture, like the Melatogenine, the scent is different though. Aquamemory is a fresh, ocean like fragrance, I love it. It feels beautifully fresh and cooling, it’s a lovely mask to use in summer when you are feeling hot and bothered but its great in autumn/winter when your skin is parched through the constant change of temperatures that makes you feel as you don’t know if you are coming or going. You need a reasonably thick layer, and leave on for 10-15 minutes and your skin will feel fantastic afterwards. The only gripe I have is that I can’t really use it around my eyes as I can the Melatogenine. It makes my eyes water unfortunately which is a real shame. Apart from that, I love this mask! It’s a brilliant quickly acting mask, you don’t need overnight to feel results as you would a moisturiser. Aquamemory is best used 2-3 times a week, but I don’t think you can over use it.

Price-wise it is more expensive than high street masks, £39.00 for 75ml for me, it’s worth it due to the results you get so quickly and it does come from a salon brand. It’s worth checking out QVCUK as they often have sets for exceptional value, for example a duo for under £50. A must-have for any time of year.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Latest in Beauty September

Hello beauties,

As you may know the You Beauty Box is no more *sob sob*, instead they have teamed up with Latest in Beauty to offer a beauty subscription service, typically its more expensive! So if you want to subscribe, here are the options:

  • Beauty Novice – choose three products from the long list for £9.00 per month
  • Beauty Enthusiast – choose six products for £15.00 per month
  • Beauty Guru – choose nine products for £18.00 per month

Delivery is included and you get a free makeup bag with your first month. I was lucky to have a code from You Beauty to get the special offer gift for You subscribers, this entitled me to a full size Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Treatment.

If you don’t want to subscribe monthly, you can build a one off box for the following cost:

  • Beauty Novice – choose three products for £16.00 plus delivery
  • Beauty Enthusiast – choose six products for £22.00 plus delivery
  • Beauty Guru – choose nine products for £25.00 plus delivery

The list of products is longer on LIB, so the choice is massive. I prefer to choose my boxes because I don’t want to be stuck with things I know I wouldn’t/don’t want to try. Popbands were in a box I tried which is no good for me as I have short hair so they were given away to my best friend and her daughter.

For my first box I chose:

  • Andalou Naturals Instant Brighten and Tighten Hydro Face Mask
  • Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse
  • Nourish Skin Renew Cleanser
  • Green People Instant Definition Lip Crayon in Sangria
  • Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Facial Serum
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Rudolph Red

I am going to try LIB for a few months to see how I get on, my gut feeling is that I will more than likely keep the subscription up.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

Hi beauties

I have a gorgeous product today, Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask. I really enjoy using masks, they are such a great way of getting good skincare results fast!

So, let me tell you about Beauty Kitchen. It’s an independent beauty brand created in Scotland and they focus on making effective, natural and affordable products. Jo Chidley created a brand using an ethical and sustainable ethos, the brand is Bee friendly and profits also go to protecting the world’s Seahorse population and ZIWA Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda.  (See for more info.)

Onto the product, Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask is part of the Abyssinian Oil range. Abyssinian Oil comes from the Crambe Abysinnica plant which is said to be more potent than Argan Oil. It is rich in Omega 9, rapidly absorbed by the skin helping to tackle dehydration and it’s structure mimics human sebum making it suitable for all skin types including oily skins, so I was particularly interested in trying the range. 

 I love this mask! It is very hydrating, it is a balm to oil-like texture so it is easy to apply and spread over your skin. A pea sized amount is how much I use for face, neck and chest. As Lady Hirons instructs: take it to the tits! 

I have to comment on the fragrance of this mask, it smells absolutely beautiful. Essential oils of Bitter Orange, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolute, Magnolia, Cedarwood and Petitgrain make up the gorgeous scent. There is a floral note, but it’s grown up and has depth. I love how my skin feels in the morning, so soft and smooth. The mask is intensively moisturising but it doesn’t break me out. Don’t use too much, you will be wasting product and your skin may feel greasy. A thin layer is all that’s needed.

This mask will give you a lot of treatments, and I am talking many months worth. It’s a 60ml jar and the price is a very reasonable £19.99, however the range is sold in Holland and Barrett and often on promotion. If you fancy a treat, you can’t go wrong with this!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

You Beauty Box September

Hi beauties,

Well I bring bad news: this is the last month I shall be bringing you the You Beauty Box. You have teemed up with Latest in Beauty so won’t be doing their boxes anymore. Booooo! There will be options to choose more products but naturally this will cost more and from the look of the first shortlist I’ve seen, is short on full sizes. That’s what I really loved about You, you were offered full sizes so we’re really able to get massive value for money. Perhaps I am greedy….well to be truthful, there is no perhaps about it.

I digress, here is what I chose from this months fab shortlist:

  • Dr Organic Organic Morrocan Glow Body Polish
  • Max Factor Epic Lash Mascara
  • Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm
  • Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton 5 Minute Miracle Mask
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
  • Weleda Grenade Parfum

This box cost £10.95 including postage and you can buy from

I will be trying out the Latest in Beauty offering so keep your eyes peeled for that post.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx