Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream

Hi beauties,

Today I have Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream that I chose from a Latest in Beauty Box a little while ago.

Tula is a skincare brand that is based on Probiotics. These are known to be very beneficial to the gut, when used in skincare they help to balance the skin, keep skin hydrated and reduce inflammation.

Hydrating Day and Night Cream is absolutely beautiful. It’s a light texture which works so well for me and has a gorgeous fresh feel. It’s not greasy and you don’t need much, this small tube lasted me a couple of months. It kept my skin feeling comfortable all day and layered well with oils and serums.

My skin really loves this moisturiser, and I’m gutted to see it’s so expensive!! It’s $52.00, QVCUK have it for £40.00 for the full size. Tula doesn’t seem that readily available in the U.K. which is a shame, because HD&N Cream is fabulous. I do have the cleanser which I’m yet to try, I will open that when I’ve used up some others.

I would recommend this, it really is lovely. If it’s in your budget I do think it is worth a try, it impressed me.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser

Hello beauties,

Today I’ve got a product from British Skincare brand Bee Good. Bee Good are based in rural Hampshire creating products that are made using beeswax, honey and propolis.

The brand was created by husband and wife team Simon and Caroline. Simon is a beekeeper and passionate about beekeeping in Britain. Caroline was interested in using the excess honey and beeswax to create natural skincare for people of all ages, the brand has grown that the company now uses bee products from other British beekeepers.

I chose Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser from the choices from Latest in Beauty. Bee Good have been on my radar for a while so I wanted to give them a try.

Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser contains beeswax, honey and propolis along with raspberry seed oil, black currant seed oil, hyaluronic acid and a Firming and lifting ingredient called Peha-tight.

I love this moisturiser, it’s really beautiful. Perfect for my oily skin type, not too thick and it sinks in very easily. It also smells gorgeous, a lovely fresh scent that’s suitable for blokes as well as us gals. I find I don’t notice much firming, but it definitely does make your skin plump, soft and smooth.

Plump and Firm Moisturiser is £23.50 for 50ml, which I will say is a bit more than I would usually spend on a moisturiser. However, this is Bee Good’s most expensive moisturiser in their Youth Enhancing range, their non anti ageing Honey and Flax Seed Moisturiser is £14.50 so I do think it is good value for money. There is also a travel size at 15ml for £9.00. You can buy online from http://www.beegood.co.uk.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Body Polish

Dear beauties,

Another offering from Dr Organic today, with their Moroccan Glow Body Polish. This is part of the Moroccan Argan Oil range, this is the first step in self tan aspect.

I am not a self tanner really, I don’t have the patience for it but you don’t need to use faux tan to appreciate this wonderful scrub. I am a huge fan of Dr Organic brand and particularly the Argan Oil products.

Moroccan Glow Body Polish doesn’t use plastic micro beads, it uses micro particles of volcanic lava! It is a good, effective scrub. I prefer to use it before getting my skin wet, so I stand in the shower and apply it before rinsing away. Don’t be too vigorous, you don’t have to go mad to get lovely smooth skin.

It’s one of those Body polishes that has Oil in so you don’t need to use body lotion afterwards. Of course you can, if you want to, but I am lazy! I love products that do two jobs at once. The fragrance of this is beautifully spicy and warm. It’s right up my street, I love it!

As it’s from Dr Organic it’s super affordable. For 200ml tube it costs £8.99, you don’t have to use half a tube at each application either so it would last. Another Dr Organic product that was a real pleasure to use.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

Hi beauties,

I gave Simple’s Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water today, this was a choice from You Beauty.

I really like micellar water, I especially like taking my eye makeup off as I find it so gentle and thorough. Simple’s offering is no different.

Kind To Skin Micellar Water also includes vitamins and minerals so it’s not drying at all while dissolving makeup and grime easily and quickly. I find it removes my mascara so easily with no rubbing and I do use 2-3 layers. It probably takes about 4-5 cotton pads to remove a full face of light makeup, Mineral foundation, Blush, Mascara, and lip colour. It’s great for Deep lippie colours so you aren’t wiping it all over your face a la The Joker.

First thing in the morning I put some on cotton pads to refresh my eyes which I love. It helps me feel more awake and soothes my sore eyes.

This Micellar Water is £4.94 for 200ml in Boots and is also available in a 400ml size for £6.59.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Beauty Pie Box 1

Hi beauties

I recently subscribed to Beauty Pie, a friend of mine Kassie (@kassie157 on Instagram) sent me some makeup at Christmas. I recently tried the mascara and lipstick she sent, I was so impressed that I signed up and got some skincare.

My choices were:

  • Double-Phase Daily Deep Rinse-Off Cleanser
  • Super Retinol Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
  • Matte Retouch Pore-Minimizing Primer
  • Über Youth Super Serum

Since I have ordered, my skin has thrown a complete fit so I’m on a pared back routine but I will be testing as soon as I can and reviewing here. I signed up for 3 months at £10.00 per month, that gives me a spending allowance of £100. At the time of ordering there was an offer which gave me a shopping allowance of £200.

Next month, I want to try some more makeup, there are some gorgeous nail polish colours I want to try as well as some foundation.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, go to http://www.beautypie.com and take a look.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

December Latest in Beauty Box

Hi beauties

It’s LIB time!! Yay…!! Love taking the time to pick my choices and the anticipation of them arriving, very exciting stuff. Yes, I really ought to get out more. So this months choices are:

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Jingle Red Rock
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Sleigh All Day
  • Simple Hydrating Booster
  • Bee Good Plump & Firm Moisturiser
  • Collection Speedy Blush In Pinch Me
  • Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy

Heavy on hydration this month but it can’t hurt. For the first time in my life I’m struggling with dryness which I’m finding really bad. The texture of my skin isn’t great either but I’m trying not to go mental and do too much too it.

Anyhoo, I have the 6 product box subscription that costs £15.00 per month, and I think you can easily see the value here. The list of choices on the Latest in Beauty is huge and is updated regularly so as much as I was gutted it was originally changed from You Beauty, I’m keeping this subscription, I’m really pleased with it. Go to http://www.latestinbeauty.com to find out more.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

Max Factor False Lash Epic

Hi beauties,

I have something monumental to share with you today: I have found my holy grail mascara! Yes it’s true, after searching for more years than I care to admit that day is finally here.

This wonder mascara is Max Factor False Lash Epic and boy Max Factor weren’t kidding when they came up with that name! I’ve got reasonably good lashes, some are obscenely long, but they are straight and getting straighter as I get older. This gurl ain’t got no curl! When I first tried this I was gobsmacked at how good it was. I took the photo above straight after!

The wand is brilliant and the formula is great, it provides curl to my lashes and it actually holds it too. A tip I heard recently was that when applying mascara brush straight through your lashes and don’t wiggle the brush. By wiggling you can clump your lashes together and you don’t get the maximum lift. It’s true, this totally works and gives my lashes fab Lift.

I discovered this in a You Beauty Box and will buy it forever more, it’s £12 which is more than I would usually spend, however it’s totally worth it for the results I get. It’s not a crazy £30 that some premium mascaras are so I can live with the price.

If you are looking for a great mascara to give you lift/curl and volume this will be right up your street. Thank you Max Factor!!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx