Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate

Hi beauties

I’m sure you are all aware of my addiction to oils, and this one has proved to be a real favourite.

I have written about Beauty Kitchen before, I have tried a few products now that I really enjoyed, the Cleanser, the Line Serum, Moisturiser (other reviews will be coming too) but Aroma Facial Concentrate is my pick of the Abyssinian Oil range.

its a Light Oil, and you don’t need much. 3-6 drops is what I use depending on what my skin needs, I tend to use more on my neck which is thirstier than my face. It also smells absolutely divine wth essential oils of Palmarosa and Magnolia. Aroma Facial Concentrate is suitable for oily and dry skins helping regulate sebum production and rich in Omega 9 it helps to moisturise your skin too.

Aroma Facial Concentrate is also fabulous value, it’s £19.99 for 30ml. I’ve had the 15ml and used it regularly, I still have just under half the bottle left. I do switch it up with other oils in my stash, but I’ve already got a back up full size. Beauty Kitchen is sold in Holland and Barrett and often on offer.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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