Bellapierre Cosmetics 

Mascara and champagne highlighter

Hi beauties,

I have some makeup today, in the form of Volumising Mascara and Shimmer Powder in Champagne from Bellapierre. These two came from two You Beauty Boxes and as I don’t wear makeup that often, it’s taken me a while to test them..

So to start with the mascara, I have very straight lashes that seem to be getting straighter as I get older, so curl is top of my list. I love a bit of volume too, I don’t have to worry too much about length as my lashes grow so long. They’ve always been like that, much to the envy of my sister! I didn’t’ get much curl with this mascara at all, although it did make my lashes look a wee bit thicker but overall unfortunately I was unimpressed. If you want thickness and not bothered about curl this would be an option. I don’t think this is worth £19.99 which to me is premium prices, for twenty quid I want the moon on a stick!

On to the highlighting shimmer powder, this is lovely. It gave my skin a real glow, the sheen is unbeliveable! You can’t see much in the straight on picture, the profile one is much better and clearer to skin. For a makeup novice like me it was easy to apply, I may have gone crazy and applied too much…! Shimmer Powder is £12.99 which I don’t think is too bad, generally it is the pricing that puts me off Bellapierre, for example their mineral foundation is £34.99 *shocked face*!

You can find out more at

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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