Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Hi beauties

Today I have Rodial Glamolash XXL today, I haven’t tried the brand before but seen and heard of a lot of their skincare I wasn’t aware that Rodial were now doing makeup.

Rodial were created in 1999 and probably most well known for their Bee Venom and Snake skincare. Rodial use a lot of the patented anti ageing ingredients (Syn-ake being one) in their products and their pricing is on the very premium side (Bee Venom moisturiser is £160.00!).

So getting on to makeup, I like wearing mascara when I wear makeup as I am lucky enough to have long lashes and they are in pretty good condition (more likely because I don’t wear makeup every day). As I am getting older I am finding that my lashes are growing straighter (I used to have such a good curl *sigh*) and it makes my eyes look even more tired.

This formula promises triple volume, long-wear and conditioning. To be honest, I didn’t think that this was a particularly voluminous mascara for me. I expected (and wanted!) more lift to get a decent curl. I also found a bit of flakiness during the day underneath my lower lashes which is a bugbear of mine. The colour was good, it didn’t fade at all. Even though naturally my lashes are very dark, I love a deep black pigment. I’ve gone to the effort of putting makeup on, I want you to see it ;o)

I wouldn’t buy this mascara once I have finished this sample size, it didn’t deliver on its promises for me and the price at £24.00 is far too expensive. If you do want to try this for yourself Glamolash XXL is available from

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