Jane Scrivner Bioluronic Buzz 2000*

Hello beauties

I have a very special product today, and it’s very new! In fact it only launched a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely lucky to have been sent one to try. I introduce: Jane Scrivner Bioluronic Buzz 2000.

Bioluronic Buzz 2000 is Jane’s smoothing and hydrating hyaluronic gel. The Buzz refers to the inclusion of Spilanthes Acmella Extract. This particular ingredient is know as the Buzz Button which applied topically reduces muscle tension, smoothing out lines and inhibiting facial contractions, a safer alternative to Botox.

The 2000 refers to the amount of hyaluronic Gel, 2000mg of hyaluronic in every 135g bottle. It also includes White Willow Bark (Salicylic Acid) to gently smooth the skins surface with toning and Rejuvenating Frankincense Oil.

The texture of this gel is quite viscous, you really don’t need a lot, I’m talking pin head amounts as it spreads so easily and quickly over the skin. It makes a fantastic smoothing and hydrating serum, I’ve used it under my sunscreen and it works perfectly. For me I prefer it over oil, it works better for me that way but experiment and try it with your other products.

Bioluronic Buzz 2000 is a gorgeous product, my skin is definitely smoother and I love to use it as a serum underneath my eye product, it helps to fill out the lines . The price is £59.00 for a 135g bottle which is great value, it’s equates to £13 for 30ml and it can be difficult to find this kind of quality for that price. I think this would easily last 6 months with daily use you need to use that little. The size of a 10p piece does my whole face and I use another 10p size for neck and chest (I take it right down to the cleavage.)

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jane for sending me a bottle to try, it has been very exciting testing this new addition to the range! Bioluronic Buzz certainly does NOT disappoint.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

*The product was Gifted by the brand

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