B. Nourished Cooling and Soothing Mask 

Hi beauties,

Another product from my Superdrug B. Skincare haul I bought a few months ago, the B. Nourished Cooling and Soothing Mask. This is from Phase 4 which is technically for the late 50’s, but the reason I bought it was to have a product that could take the heat out of your skin, be hydrating and mattifying. It sounded like it would be good for my skin type, so I thought I would give it a go.

It is a mask that you leave on your skin, I tried it on it’s own and layered with other products. At first, it layered well over a night cream as a sleeping mask but shortly after applying it started to ball up on my face. This is a huge bug-bear of mine, so I thought I would try it again but alone. Left it for 10-15 minutes as directed, when it came to massage in the excess it balled up again. GAH! No matter how I used this mask, it balled up and drove me crazy!! It went the way of the B.Restored Eye Cream, which was the bin!! I am a bit annoyed as I wasn’t aware of Superdrug’s returns policy on their own brands, they refund you and give you 25% off your next purchase. I won’t be buying anything else from the range, I have a facial oil to try as part of the haul but I have been so disappointed with what I have tried. Three out of the four products I bought I have thrown away, even if I did buy them at half price I have still lost out. Oh well, not the first time and I suspect not the last…!!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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