AA Skincare Frankincense and Rose Face Toner

Hi beauties

I love toners, I think they have come back into popularity in the last couple of years with face mists, it is a great way of getting hydration into your skin without adding heavy layers. I particularly enjoy ones that are in a spray bottle as they are so easy to use, a few spritzes (or if you are me about 10!) on your face and that’s it! I like to apply facial oils to my skin whilst damp so I do make sure I have applied enough. The oil absorbs more quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, I wouldn’t apply them any other way.

Anyway, I digress. AA Skincare is a fascinating brand to me, they are a skincare brand from Amphora Aromatics who have many years experience in aromatherapy and natural skincare. I have tried the Frankincense and Rose Moisturising Face Cream which I really enjoyed using. It is a beautiful aromatherapy moisturiser, making your skin feel so soft and not greasy. I gave it to my friend to try who has a different skin type to me, she is has much drier skin. She also liked it so it works for varying types.

I was really pleased when the Frankincense and Rose Face Toner was an option in my You Beauty Box, I made sure to choose it PDQ in case it sold out (sometimes you have to be quick of the mark!). It’s so hydrating and the fragrance is divine. I have a staple toner that I always stick to as I really like it and it’s ridiculously affordable (I hate to say cheap!) but this one at more than double the price is a repurchase. It feels like a real treat to use and I love the bottle. 

There are more products from AA Skincare that I want to try, not only are they extremely reasonable the quality is very good. They have various fragrances, such as Almond & Sandalwood, Jasmin, Mimosa & Rosehip, Neroli & Aloe and Calendula.

You can find out more at http://www.aaskincare.co.uk.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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