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Hi beauties,

I have a really exciting brand today Bio-Extracts which uses biotechnology to deliver plant extracts so they are beneficial to skin. It’s unique approach to personalised Skincare isn’t anything I’ve seen before so when Marina the founder of the brand got in touch to offer me the chance to try some of the range I was intrigued and said yes please!

Bio-Extracts has three moisturisers, Normal, Rich and Light. These creams is formulated with a Multi-Lamellar System, this has structural similarity to our skins natural layers. When the cream is applied, it mimics the layers of the skin, acting like a patch to enhance barrier function and reduce water loss. It sounds very technical, but don’t be put off, the products are very simple to use.

The second part of the range are the skincare boosters. These are formulated to penetrate deeper into skins layers, delivering highly concentrated ingredients. There are 9 boosters in total, so a wide choice available depending on your skin’s requirements.

I was sent Glow Boost, utilising Wu-Zhu-Yu fruit, this extract provides oxygenation to the skin for a healthy glow

Firming Boost which uses Wild Jujube to help tighten and tone your skin

Lifting Boost that uses Oat extract to help improve skins elasticity.

The moisturiser is a gorgeous light texture, perfect for my oily skin type. It sinks in so quickly and is very hydrating, leaving no residue at all. It has been a fantastic choice for this hot weather we have had, my skin didn’t feel like I had product on at all even with boosts mixed in. I love the airtight packaging which means all the ingredients are kept fresh until the last “dose”. One pump is the right amount for face and neck.

You can use the boosts in two ways, as a traditional Serum or mixed into the moisturiser. They come in syringe-like packaging, just pump one dose of your moisturiser and add up to four pumps of your chosen boost, mix together on the top of the jar and apply to skin. It’s great fun, you do feel a bit like a scientist when using the products. 

My favourite boosts were Firming and Lifting, I had more noticeable results from those two. The Glow boost was pleasant and hydrating but I didn’t really notice any change in my skin. With Firming Boost you can feel the effects straight away, it gently tightens the skin and leaves your skin feeling comfortable. Some firming/tightening products can be too intense leaving you feeling uncomfortable and feeling like you can’t smile! The Lifting Boost made my skin feel more bouncy, I used it separately and mixed with Firming Boost which I saw the best results in terms of the tightening and lovely bouncy plump feeling.

I have really enjoyed using this range, I really like the unique approach and the packaging is brilliant fun. You can buy a kit from QVC as well as the moisturiser and boosts separately, Moisturiser priced at £28.00 and the individual boosts are £19.50 each. 

Till next time,

Lucy xx


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