Jane Scrivner Haul

Hi beauties, 

Jane Scrivner is a new find in Skincare for me, as for most things I hear about these days I first saw it on Instagram, where a lot of my friends were absolutely raving about her products. 

Jane has worked in the Skincare and therapy industry for 24 years. Her products are created using natural, preferably organic ingredients that have an effect on the skin. Jane tests all products on herself and says if it doesn’t make a difference, it doesn’t make it. 

I have already purchased and reviewed Jane Scrivner Intense Oil and I loved it that much that I had to get a back up, in the case of Intense Oil, this is created using a single estate Rosehip Oil from Chile and is the best quality Rosehip I have tried.

So as the Holland and Barrett half price promotion was still on I decided to get:

  • Intense Oil (back up)
  • Un-Condion Oil
  • Rose Gold Serum

From Jane direct I ordered her OO Cream which is used as a moisturiser and to seal in facial oils.

As usual there will be individual product reviews once I have tested them for a decent amount of time (at least a month) so keep your eyes open. 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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