Cloud 9 Luxurious Lipstick in Julie 

Hi beauties,

I have some makeup today in the form of a beautiful Cloud 9 Luxurious Lipstick in the colour Julie.

Cloud 9 is the brainchild of Karen @grownupglam on Instagram, she has created a matte lipstick collection that’s more sophisticated than I have seen from a lot of brands who go matte. There are 7 shades, Daphne, Kristen, Julie, Sophia, Jenna, Polly and Lauren.

My friend Kassie very kindly sent me Julie, which I have to say is the perfect shade for me. The formula is beautiful, as you can see there is a slight sheen to the finish (I hate gloss so I always lean toward matte) so it’s not a traditional drying matte Lipstick. It’s moisturising too and so comfortable to wear. The pigment is vibrant and strong so the colour lasts a decent amount of time too. 

The lipsticks are $14.00 and which at the time of writing equates to £11.62, I think it feels definitely worth that price. In my opinion these lipsticks do feel luxury and the packaging is lovely too. There is quite a high shipping charge which is around £20 which is unfortunately what UPS charge. This does push the price up, however when you think of what you can spend on some lipsticks in department stores that would work out to be equal in price, I do think it is worth it. 

The link to Karen’s site is and you will be able to get to her shop via shopify.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

4 thoughts on “Cloud 9 Luxurious Lipstick in Julie ”

  1. Agh, great review of this brand Cloud9 lipsticks. They really are quite lush. Think the way to beat the price of shipping is buywith friends and u can share the postage. My favourite shade is Polly and I too love Julie. Kas xx

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