Decleor Iris Balm


Hi beauties,

Today I have Decleor Iris Rejuvenating Night Balm. I have been converted to the use of balms since I started blogging, I’ve tried a few Balm cleansers and used some moisture balms in my Skincare routine.

Decleor Iris is for lines and wrinkles, I actually ordered the Neroli balm but I was sent this instead and I couldn’t be bothered with the faff of returning and waiting for the other one (I’m lazy!) so I thought I would test this out on the necklace lines around my neck which I really don’t like.

I couldn’t find the ingredients on the Decleor website and to be honest that annoys me. It isn’t difficult to let your customers know what is in your products, I like to know as there are ingredients I like to avoid. Decleor state this is a natural product with no water or filling ingredients, but I can’t definitely say for sure.

Iris Night Balm is to be used at night as your Serum/Oil/Moisturiser so you can get away with one step. I have layered over other products (waiting for each layer to be absorbed) and it was fine, there wasn’t anything I tried that resulted in the dreaded pilling. It has a beautiful Floral/woody kind of fragrance, it does contain essential oils so if you are sensitive this isn’t for you.

I used it primarily on my neck morning and night in some cases, this is a lovely balm but I didn’t really notice any improvement especially in texture on my neck which at the time felt grainy. I think to be honest I don’t think I needed this particular one. I have since used Balmology Soothing Comfort Balm and that has definitely improved the texture of my skin and made it smoother.

I think you need to have a lot of lines and wrinkles to see the benefit of this balm, even if you do Decleor Iris wouldn’t be my first choice. Balmology has quickly become my brand of choice when it comes to balms (watch out for my review of their new facial oil, it’s currently unreleased but I have been testing it, as soon as it’s available I will post) as they really do work and price/volume wise are much better value. I still like Decleor as they are a great aromatherapy brand but this product wasn’t really for me.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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