International Women’s Day

Hey beauties, 

This post is about sisterhood I have experienced (sorry you boys, you are excluded for one day) and I can’t begin to describe what that is like.

My first experience of female friendship is when I was 4 years old and meeting a neighbours little girl. My best experience was meeting my soul sister at secondary school aged 11. Our relationship has been amazing, there was sadly a time when we weren’t in contact, however, the last few years have seen us reunited (and it feels so good!! 🤦🏻‍♀️) and in all seriousness though, there is a damn good reason that girl was there for me during our teenage years. She is my sister from another mister and I love her and her family dearly.

A big shout out goes to a woman I’ve met only in the last year, yet I feel I’ve known forever and she is Karen. My best friend and I met her in the pub one day, we got talking (I won’t tell you what about as you think we are weird!) and Karen is an expert in self-esteem building and anxiety management. One fascinating lady I have felt very blessed to meet. 

Right, if you’ve stuck with me, thanks, Dorlers does tend to waffle on lol a bit. I want to get on to my online friends, so in no particular order: Genaya, Cath, Sari, Ing, Isabella, Amber, Abbie, Victoria, Lisa, Natasha, Catherine, Leanne, Fiona, Ria, Kassie, Janet, Susie, Gracie, Natalie, Jo, Rebecca, Heidi, Smaria, Schujj, Tracy, Tania, Courtney, Alex, Chloe, Lynda, Gail and all those ladies that I interact on a daily basis but don’t know your name, only your profile name, you all inspire me in ways that make me so glad I have met you. There is a lot of negative talk about online trolling and stuff, but you genuinely get into the Skincare and the spoonie community you get genuine people who care and spend their time wanting to chat, give advice and generally be a support system. For someone that has lost friends over the years due to my situation, these friendships mean the world to me.  Thank you ❤

Special mention goes to Liesl Wilhardt at Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. Liesl runs a not-for-profit dog rescue, taking some of the most disadvantaged dogs to her 55 acre rehoming facility. I follow Liesl and her own pups and I see what love and care she, her staff and volunteers put in to making rescued dogs from mainly high-kill shelters feel safe and loved. The care these guys put into making sure each forever home is the best for each dog is amazing. 

So now we come on to the famous category, which famous women inspire me:

Liz Earle, Caroline Hirons, Emma G, Maleka Dattu, Nadine Baggot, Caroline Archer, Abigail James, Sarah Carr, Sarah Chapman, Fiona Brackenbury, Alison Young, Keeley Aydin and many many more I cannot list here. We are so lucky to have so many trailblazers who are so passionate not just about their industry, but about women in business. Long may we continue cracking those glass ceilings.

I want to leave on this quote that I saw on Caroline Hirons Instagram page “wonderful things happen when women support women”.

So all you wonderful ladies, and all those you hold dear, Happy International Women’s Day. 

Lots of love

Lucy 😘❤xxx


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4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Such a beautiful uplifting post . I am so happy that you have these close relationships both in distance and emotion.
    I am honoured to be mentioned and hold you in the same esteem.
    I love you Lucy xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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