Manicure of the Day

Hi beauties

It’s Manicure of the Day time again and for this manicure I chose two polishes from Leighton Denny Expert Nails. There is something about the blues that Leighton formulates that I absolutely love!

The metallic shade is called Miss Behavin’, a gorgeous dark, silvery shimmer. I LOVE this polish, I think apart from a red shade, blues are so me. I don’t know why because I have blue-white skin, but I seem to suit many shades of blue.

The cream colour is called Captivated which I must say I had loads of compliments on, this looks more purple underneath the flash, this does change depending on what light you see it in. I think in real life and daylight it leans slightly toward teal, it’s a beautiful deep shade that always gets a lot of attention.

I am a fan of Leighton’s polishes, the formula and pigments are gorgeous and so easy to use, the brush is decent too. Bristles are quite tightly packed together so you don’t get that splaying if you press too hard (that really irritates me!) very good quality. These two are also colours that I love to use all year round because they are a bold pop of colour that can really cheer you up if you are feeling blue….!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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