Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser 

Hi beauties,

I have a budget buy today with Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser, which is a bit of a mouthful!

This is a lovely high street range from Boots, I like Botanics, based on natural Botanical ingredients, it was actually developed with Kew Gardens which are the Royal Botanical Gardens in South-West London.

I would actually argue that this is a triple action Cleanser, it starts off as a Gel and as you massage over your skin, it turns into an Oil texture. I love massaging with this, it really lends well for that technique to add a bit of a extra glow! Then you can emulsify it, which turns it into a milk and personally as an oily skin type I love to do. If you are a drier skin type you don’t have to do this, you can just remove with a warm cloth.

The base of the cleanser is Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil, with clary sage which is known to soothe skin. Afterwards your skin is left so soft and smooth whether you emulsify or not. I love to use it in the shower as a wash off morning cleanse and an evening cleanse to take off makeup efficiently. I love the versatility of this product, it is so good. It has a light ocean fresh type fragrance which I would say is unisex. I would also say the packaging isn’t girly either so this would be good for the guys.

Right, I said it was budget didn’t I? Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser is £4.00, however when I got it there was a third off so I got it for £2.67. I know, under 3 quid!! It’s really bonkers! If anyone has a very small budget yet wants a cleansing Gel, oil and milk buy this product, I don’t think you would regret it.

I really enjoy finding little gems like this as much as I do trying something more luxurious. I am typical in having champagne tastes with a cava budget, so being able to find an effective cleanser like this without breaking the bank is a refreshing change! Plus this little 125ml tube seems to go on forever! I bought this in November and it’s still going strong (I don’t use it every day as I vary my cleansers but it gets used about 4-5 times a week) you need such a small amount anyway for a effective cleanse.

Run to Boots people, don’t walk, this is a star!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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