Derma Babies Soft As Moonlight Heavenly Nappy Cream

Hi beauties,
I’ve got a baby product today, Derma Babies Soft As Moonlight Heavenly Nappy Cream. I don’t have a little one so I have used it on myself. 

Derma Babies is a UK award winning company that also do Skincare for Mums and they also hold Mum and Baby clinics where you can learn about ingredients that go into baby Skincare, information on nutrition and baby massage techniques.

This is a gorgeous rich but not greasy cream that sinks into the skin easily and has the most gorgeous Lavender fragrance.

The base for the cream is Shea Butter, with Cocoa Butter, Oat Milk, Honey and Aloe Vera. It’s extremely moisturising and it has beautifully soft texture, I used it as a hand cream and body cream. I obviously use a bit more than you would if you were only using it for baby’s nappy change, but as natural products don’t have those petrochemicals in a wee bit goes a long way.

I found it very good not only for moisturising but I feel it really helped to retain moisture in my skin, something that you would want for a baby cream as it is an area that needs to be cleaned a lot! Especially for my hands I felt the difference, and I found it excellent for dry and scaly patches, it’s a very soothing cream. 

Soft as moonlight heavenly nappy cream is available from for £11.75.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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