Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck and Décolleté Mousse 

Hi beauties

I have a product that has been causing a bit of a hullabaloo for those shopping in Aldi, Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck and Décolleté Mousse. I don’t have an Aldi near me so my Instafriend Fiona very kindly sent me one before Christmas and I have been testing it.

I adored this product from the first minute I tried it, the texture is a super light mousse and it sinks into your skin so quickly. I have never known something to disappear quite so quickly!! It feels absolutely amazing too, when I use this my neck feels so soft and smooth and the feeling lasts all day. The mousse does soften the lines around my neck, obviously it doesn’t get rid of them, no product will do that, but to improve the appearance of them is definitely a plus!

I have struggled to find this online to find out the ingredients as stupidly I threw away the huge box, well done there, D’oh! I think there is shea butter in this formula as I did feel so moisturised. The packaging is also really cool, you twist the silver bit at the bottom and remove the brown outer pot and then there is a little lid you pull off and the product is inside.

Aldi really have done a very good job with this, it feels super luxurious both the mousse itself and the packaging, the only unfortunate thing is that it sold out super quick, I only hope they are going to bring them back as I would love to carry on using this. It was around £8.00 or £9.00 so super affordable and I love the results. I was very pleasantly surprised and Aldi has certainly exceeded my expectations. Just hurry up and bring it back, please and thank you!

If you have an Aldi near you I would recommed trying out the Lacura range, you may just find a complete gem!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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2 thoughts on “Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck and Décolleté Mousse ”

    1. It’s well worth trying, the texture and feel of this is so beautiful. I’m going to be gutted when I get through it! I shop at Lidl and they don’t have decent Skincare like Aldi does xxxx


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