Reasons to be cheerful, 1,2,3: Happy Holidays!

Hey beauties,

I love Christmas, I am that still excitable child, but now I can roll out of bed at 10am and drink straight away!! (Ok, I’ve stopped smoking still let me have the booze!) 

I bloody LOVE the silly season!! The fairy lights, scented candles, snuggly blanket/slanket (if you haven’t heard of a slanket I insist you research it now!) They are what I call immense (which by the way, was MY phrase before Miranda’s Mum Penny nicked it #rude) anyhoo, treat yo’self this winter season for one of those bad boys. Especially in the leopard print..

Moving on, I wanted to wish all you bloody lovely people who read my blog, maybe also follow me on social media and  all the brilliant brands I have worked with this year a special Christmas and New Year, may it bring you all the joys and treasures. I want to say thank you to you all for a fabulous year, you have enabled me in the most amazing way to feel a part of a community which in real life I don’t. I wanted to tell you about the impact on a daily basis you guys have on me and I can tell you in 5 words: You make me feel included. And for that I am more grateful than you will ever know.

And if Christmas isn’t a great time of year for you, for whatever reason then I send you my love and I hope that it isn’t too hard for you, but I want to say I appreciate you and will think of you. 

I am having a wee break, so I will be back posting on the 2nd of January 2017. Merry Christmas and a here is to a healthy and happy 2017.

All my love, 

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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