CND Cuticle Away

Hi beauties,

I have CND Cuticle Away Cuticle remover today, which I’ve been looking at for a while but I had so many others in my manicure drawer but they were not as effective as I would like.

Cuticle Away uses Sodium Hydroxide to break down excess skin and calluses, it also has a moisturising agent in as well as an Aloe Vera base. I have really stubborn and dry cuticles, I do Oil frequently as well as hand cream but I have found that they have got worse over the last year. So much so, I’ve actually damaged my nails in trying to scrape the hard skin away.

Cuticle Away is a Gel, very easy to use and no discernible smell. You put a small bead around the cuticle and rub in and the directions say leave for one minute. I find I need to leave it for much longer, between 5-10 minutes. After that I remove the excess with a hoof stick and then I wash my hands. This is one of the most effective treatments I’ve used, it works without me having to dig and scrape and ultimately damage my nails. It also comes in a huge 177ml bottle.

I use it every time I change my Polish now, unfortunately I can’t get away with only doing it once a week lol. But even when I do use it longer than the recommended time it doesn’t take that long. I would much rather remove the dead skin more often so that my nails and cuticles are well cared for, and they both look neat and tidy.

I’m very impressed with Cuticle Away, I bought mine from a store on eBay for about £6.00 so excellent value as you only need a very small amount. It is a salon product and I’m not surprised as it’s fantastic so I’m glad I’m able to use it as part of my manicure routine at home. A definite must-have.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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