Pure Potions Skin Salvation

Hi beauties

Today is the turn of Pure Potions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment, I was interested in trying this as in Winter my eczema always gets worse and harder to control.

Natalie Balmond created Pure Potions in her own kitchen to try to find a natural alternative to use on her daughter’s very dry, itchy and sore skin. Natalie tried the typical emollients and steroid creams prescribed by her GP but found these stung and irritated Lula’s skin further. Natalie began experimenting with natural ingredients to create something that would help soothe and repair Lula’s skin. 

The ingredients used are Olive Oil, Beeswax, Safflower Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Calendula extract, Camomile extract, Chickweed extract and Nettle extract. Skin Salvation is a very thick Balm-like texture, it’s certainly moisturising in fact I still found after my shower the next day, I could still feel it on my skin. It definitely provides a barrier to keep out external irritants, unfortunately my Lidocaine painkilling patches would not stay on because of the residue left. This is such a shame, because the patches do dry out my skin and I need to use them practically every day at this time of year

However, if you do suffer with dry, sore and itchy skin do give this a try. Skin Salvation really does bring relief to all kind of skin conditions. I also tried it on my feet overnight and the difference the next day was fabulous. It’s a great product to have in your first aid kit!

Skin Salvation Intensive Moistursing Ointment is available from http://www.purepotions.co.uk and starts from £7.99 for a 30ml jar.

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx


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