Philosophy Take A Deep Breath

Hi lovelies,

I have Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil Free Moisturiser today, it was a choice from one of my You Beauty Boxes and as I haven’t tried any skincare from the brand only shower products, I was really looking forward to trying it.

I don’t make a conscious effort to choose Oil free moisturisers because personally (and saying this as an oily skinned person) because I think Oil is important especially to help balance your skin whether oily or dry. However lighter moisturisers can be great for layering with serums/oils and of course for the warmer times of the year.

Take A Deep Breath is a beautiful light texture with a fresh fragrance, it seemed to sink in quickly and it did layer well with a oils and serums I tried it with, no rolling or pilling and it did glide on smoothly. I really enjoyed the feeling of it and my skin felt very comfortable, the only problem was 20 minutes later my face was a total greaseball!! 

It was only today when I came to write this up I went to look at the ingredients. And I am sure you can all guess what I am going to say next lol, yes it contains the dreaded mineral oil Iso-paraffin. I had wondered why such a light cream made my skin so greasy and of course this makes total sense. It’s such a shame as I liked this moisturiser, but it leaves far too much of a awful residue. I checked on the UK Philosophy site and it doesn’t seem to be available here yet, it is $40.00 on the US website so I’m guessing it will be around the £3o.00 price point.

As always, this is just the experience I had with my skin, it may be totally different for you especially if you have opposite skin to mine. It hasn’t put me off trying any more from the brand, I actually want to try the famous Hope In A Jar and Purity Made Simple so I will be hopefully trying them at some point. 

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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