Decleor Phytopeel 

Hello beauties,

Today it is the turn of Decleor Phytopeel which has turned into possibly my most favourite exfoliator for a number of reasons.

I discovered it only recently although I know it has been in the Decleor range for some time. I have turned to enzymatic and exfoliators without grains as my skin just doesn’t like them and they can break me out. I can’t find the exact ingredient listing (which does annoy me to be honest) however this works with Green Clay, essential oils of Thyme, Lavender, Marjoram, Lemon, plant extracts of Elder Tree, Burdock and fruit enzymes.

You apply a thick layer of this and let it sink in, it’s quite easy to apply, swipe it all over your skin until it is white. When it has sunk in you can start to remove it. Make sure you do this over a sink as it is messy! You literally roll it off your skin in gentle, sweeping movements. Don’t rub or scrub, it will come off just by rolling off. This is the most satisfying exfoliator to use, you will see all the dead skin fall into the sink, disgusting but oh so good lol. I remove any residue with a warm cloth and my skin is left feeling so soft and smooth. I always do a mask afterwards and I have a few hydrating ones and find they always work better when I’ve used Phytopeel. This is great to use once or twice a week and especially when your skin is looking dull and all products you use afterwards will go into your skin more easily. Phytopeel is available from and is £27.50 for a 50ml tube.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx




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