Grounded Coffee Scrub


Hi lovelies

If you haven’t tried a coffee scrub before, where have you been?? Ok, I have only tried one in the last couple of months but these are new scrubs on the block, kicking those with plastic microbeads in the pants! Ok so mixed metaphors there but I’m sure you get what I mean!

This scrub is from Grounded Body Scrub and I won it as part of a prize from lovely Nikki Taylor from Taylor Made Beauty. It is made by ground Robusta Coffee beans, Himayalan rock salt and brown sugar and packs a punch with caffeine. It’s rougher than your average body scrub so I wouldn’t use it on the face, but this bad boy is amazing on the body. Vitamin E and Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is also included, so it’s definitely moisturises as well as thoroughly exfoliates your skin.

On opening the package you are hit with the most gorgeous aroma, I received the Chocolate Orange version so by the end of my shower I smelled like a popular chocolate confection! And that beautiful smell did last a few hours after my shower too. You grab a small handful of scrub and apply it to damp skin, you are supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, I didn’t as I can’t stand in the shower for that long. The results for me is fantastic! Smooth and soft skin feeling moisturised and comfortable. You don’t have to use a body lotion afterwards if you don’t want to due to the Sweet Almond Oil in the scrub. I find lotions do sink in much more easily after using and I tend to use it twice a week. I have to be a bit careful as I do have eczema so I don’t rub too hard whilst applying.

Grounded Coffee Scrub really is a pleasure to use, they have other fragrances such as, coconut, mint and grapefruit as well as the chocolate orange that I have. It’s available from and Boots and is £15.00 for a 200ml bag.

Till next time, 

Lucy xxx


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