Essie Haul

Hi beauties

I’ve got some Essie polishes that I’ve bought recently, I was recommended them by a friend on Instagram as I haven’t previously tried the brand before.

This first one is Cashmere Bathrobe, a stunning grey with a beautiful gold shimmer in it. I haven’t got another shade like this and I absolutely love it, I know it will go very well with some grey shades I do already have.

This is similar to shades I do have, but it’s a little deeper so not exactly the same. What Damsel in a Dresss does match is the Laura Geller Cabernet Crush lipstick I posted about recently, so if you like matchy matchy there’s an option for you!

This bad boy is the first polish Sari recommended as she knows my love of the blues. This is After School Boy Blazer and is a very deep navy. It looks black in this shot but in real life you can see the blue tones in it. A real keeper!! 💅🏻

I am definitely going to try some more from Essie, the formula was great and easy to apply and the brush is nice and wide, cutting down on the amount of strokes you have to do. I really love that as it makes life a heck of lot easier and makes painting so much quicker.

I buy my polishes from stores on eBay and I paid £4.99 for each polish, I’m on the lookout for some glitters from the brand so if you have some recommendations let me know!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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16 thoughts on “Essie Haul”

  1. I recently discovered Essie too and absolutely love it. Like you I bought. Cashmere bathrobe and other school boy blazer along with a gorgeous red called twin sweater set and a good neutral, Merino Cool.

    I read an article that said Essie’s Angora Cardy was the most pictured nail colour on Pinterest and thought I’d try it. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a perfect pink/purple shade and goes with everything.

    I also bought mine from eBay for £3.99-£4.99 and actually found a seller who was doing 3 for 2 so got a trio for £8.98.

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    1. Merino Cool is on my list to buy definitely! Would you mind giving me the details of the seller who’s going the 3 for 2? It would be great to pick up another couple of shades for under £9!! I’m really impressed with the brush and quality, I don’t know why I hasn’t tried them before xx


  2. I only have 3 Essie colours, I find they’re too expensive for me to buy regularly but they are lovely polishes. One that you’ll love is a glitter I got from a subscription box called “Summit of Style”. It applies quite thickly so you don’t have to mess around for ages to get a good coverage and it looks stunning.

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