You Beauty Box September 2016


Hello lovely people,

Today is You Beauty Box time! One of my favourite times of the month where I get to choose some lovely things to try, along with a couple of freebies. You Beauty Box is made by the people behind the You Magazine in the Daily Mail, there are 3 membership options:

  • Bronze choose 2 products for £6.95
  • Silver choose 3 products for £8.95
  • Gold choose 4 products for £10.95

I chose the gold option and have had that over the last couple of months so I get 4 products, in this box 2 of which are full size. Then are 2 travel sizes and then the bonus of two samples.

So for September I chose:

Erno Laszlo Sheet mask

Argan + Synergy SPF 15 Hand Cream

Philosophy Take A Breath Moisturiser

Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Oil – which I am really cross about as when it arrived I found it had mineral oil in it. Why a “spa” brand is using such a cheap and crappy ingredient is beyond me, when there are so many affordable cleansers on the market that don’t!! (And breathe…) This actually went in the bin after this photo was taken, I wouldn’t even give this one away!

I am sure you will agree, issues with cleansing oil aside, this is excellent value. The hand cream I have actually used before and I really love it, I am a fan of this brand but I haven’t reviewed it on the blog before. So keep your eyes peeled if you are looking for a hand cream with sun protection in, a review will be coming soon!

I am going to be keeping up with this box, in fact I have already received my October box which was totally awesome! Such a great value and I think decent sizes for you to try to find out if you would like a product. Perfect for a shopping addict like me, it means I get new things every month but within a reasonably priced budget. For £10.95 even the most expensive option is fantastic.

Find out more here

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

6 thoughts on “You Beauty Box September 2016”

  1. Absolutely agree with you on the mineral oil issue. Really looking forward to reading about the spf review as I’m approaching an Aussie summer.
    Also have often looked at Erno Laszlo products. So sounds like a great subscription box. xxx

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    1. I know, there are very few out there. This one is a good one too. Mineral oil is a by product of the petrol industry and it’s basically Vaseline, it will be listed as petrolatum, variants are also paraffin liquidium. It just provides and occlusive barrier and stops moisture escaping from skin but it isn’t actually moisturising itself xx


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