Nails of The Day

Hi lovelies

Another Nails of The Day today, I have had a break from them (pardon the pun!) as I had a pretty bad break on the thumb of my Cindy hand and as I hate nails that aren’t the same length I had to file with my trusty Leighton Denny Crystal Nail file almost down to nubs.

Anyway, moving on I wanted some pale prettiness to go with OPI Humidi-Tea and had bought Worth A Pretty Penne which is a beautiful rose gold shade that I have had my eye on since last Autumn/Winter’s Venice collection.

Humidi-Tea is a beautiful pearly peach colour that comes from the OPI New Orleans collection, I wasn’t sure about this one when it first came out but I liked it when I tried it. Even though the darker shades are usually the ones I gravitate towards I like a change now and again. Worth A Pretty Penne is a gorgeous rose gold, I have been looking for this kind of shade for such a long time but I hadn’t seen any apart from this once that I had liked so I went on to eBay (where I always buy individual polishes from) and ordered it. I wasn’t disappointed, it was easy to paint and the colour was vibrant without being brassy.

Now it’s Autumn it will be much darker shades that will feature as I have put my Spring/Summers away now, so keep your eyes peeled for some vamp!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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