Nails Inc Autumn Winter Debut Nailcare Collection

Hi lovelies,

I have the Nails Inc 6 Piece Autumn Winter Debut Collection that I bought from QVCUK for you today. I haven’t bought many polishes from Nails Inc for a while, but these really grabbed my attention.

The kit contains:

  • Collagen Ridge Filling Base Coat
  • Primrose Street – a seashell effect sheer colour
  • Noble Street – fully opaque berry creme
  • Prince Arthur Road – a rich navy creme
  • Portland Square – a vibrant orange creme
  • Harper Road – an antique gold glitter effect

What is interesting about this collection is they are powered by collagen. Nails Inc launched this formula earlier in the year on QVC in a TSV but I was not keen on the colours in that particular set. The formula is supposed to be moisturising, help prevent ridges (although I am not sure you can actually do that!) and keep your nails younger. I am a bit sceptical about these claims as I haven’t seen anything that would help back them up. My nails are horribly ridged and have got worse over the last two years so if they can do anything to help great, if not they are still beautiful colours.

The Collagen Ridge Filling Base Coat I am impressed with, it does reduce the appearance of ridges. Doesn’t get rid of mine totally but definitely improves the look of my finished manicure.

Primrose Street is so very pretty, I also have a lot of white spots on my nails so I can’t use this on its own, so here it is over Noble Street. Noble Street is probably my favourite of the collection, I have really fallen for this colour! It is so beautiful rich, deep pink. Unfortunately it can look more red on camera.

Prince Arthur Road is a gorgeous navy, another colour I do love to wear in the cooler months. I love the bolder ones, I think they stand out well with my pale skin tone.

Portland Square is my least favourite, which is a bit strange as I had worn orange quite a few times over the Summer, I am probably orange’d all out! It looks like shades I already have so I may be gifting this…!

Harper Road is a gentle antique gold glitter, you can’t beat a bit of bling at any time og the year so this is an effect I will be making use of. Here it is over Prince Arthur Road.

So this collection is brilliant, some beautiful cremes, a shimmer and a glitter. You can’t go wrong with that! The collection is available from for the fantastic price of £31.50 plus P&P.
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