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Hi beauties,

Today’s post was a request from the beautiful Rebecca from Rougepout Beauty, (go and find her at and also check out her Youtube channel, she is rather marvellous) Rebecca wanted to know where I keep my products.

I have to say I do majorly take the mick in where I keep my products, Andy my poor long suffering other half does occassionally gripe about the amount of products on surfaces but I smile and mumble a little “sorry” and then I clear some away only for them to be put back later!! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Andy keeps all his bits and pieces on a dresser in the spare room as I have literally taken up as much space as I possibly can!

Space 1 – Bedside Table Top

Products on here changes the most, it depends on how tidy I am feeling and what I need while I sit blogging or watching TV (I am very busy and important you know!! ;)) so there is always hand cream and cuticle oil here. The largest SBC Gels are here, body lotions, my SBC day & Night Cream and Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Mask.

Space 2 – Bedside Table One Drawer 1

As I get ready and do my regimes here as I have a comfy chair (so that I’m not sitting in bed all day) all the opened bits and bobs are in here. Cleansers, toners, serums, oils, my makeup essentials such as my Bare Minerals Foundation, a couple of blushes, Mineral Veil and a few lipsticks. All my favourite makeup brushes are at hand in this drawer too,  I keep them in a rubber band as I hate them rolling around in the drawer! I know, I’m weird…

Space 3 – Bedside Table Drawer 2

Nail polishes live in here, I sort my colours into seasons, so this drawer houses my Autumn/Winter collection. I work out of this one all the time so that I can easily reach them and not strain my back. I have a tray I put on a couple of pillows and put it on my lap by the side of the bed so I have a decent flat surface in which to do my nails.

Space 4 – Bedside Table Drawer 3

Spring/Summer shades are in the bottom drawer along with things I don’t need on a regular basis like a spare cuticle remover and a bottle of nail polish thinner. Back up Nail Envy’s and Avoplex are also in here as there isn’t room in the main drawer. I am not allowed more than 2 drawers of polish (I think that is very unreasonable personally but the Mr doesn’t agree lol) so I destash regularly to my best friend so I can get new shades.

Space 5 – Bedside Table Two Top

This is the side of the bed I sit and sleep on so hand creams are always here with my Avoplex cuticle oil, Leighton Denny Renovate and my Dames & Dimes Nail & Cuticle Balm. SBC Camphor & Menthol is also in easy reach for when I need it in the night, Garnier Micellar Water to cleanse my tired eyes in the morning and This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is always here. As is a loo roll, I use it as tissue  (I have done for years, when I lived at home my Dad used to accuse me of eating them lol) just before I go to sleep and often in the night I cry, which is very annoying so I need tissue by me. I don’t know why this happens, it’s something that has gone on for years so it’s not because I am sad lol.

Space 6 – Bedside Table Two Drawer 1

Back up hand creams and oils in here with some balms thrown in for good measure. I say they are “back ups” but there are all open, I have a serious problem with hand cream and can’t stop buying them. But it’s the most used product as I’m slather it on multiple times a day so they will be used. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…!

Space 7 – Bedside Table Two Drawer 2

In this space I have backup cleansers, moisturisers and masks. You will always find Cleanse and Polish in here and a recent addition that I have fallen in love with Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm.

Space 8 – Bedside Table Drawer 3

I have shower and body products in here and a couple of hair treatments too. Almond Shower Oil is a staple as is Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream and Decleor Systeme Corps body milk. Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream is another favourite so I always have a tube of this in here.

Space 9 – The Ottoman

This is the famous ottoman where other SBC gels live and various makeup bags!! In the Leighton Denny Bag is the rest of my makeup, underneath the 2 blue bags is a Bare Minerals gold train case with all my loose eyeshadows and palettes. In the blue bags are unopened skincare, samples and travel sizes. I do go through these when I finish something up, I also have back ups of Decleor Neroli here so when the dropper bottle is done I top it up. I also mix and match the SBC gels depending on what I want to use.

That’s it! Thank the Lord I hear you cry! It isn’t as organised and as pretty as I would like but it’s what I have so it makes sense to me lol. Thank you to gorgeous Rougepout Rebecca, I hope you have enjoyed this nosey through my storage.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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    1. I would love another set of drawers if I can get one, I’ve already pitched the idea to the other half by saying I don’t have enough clothes storage (and I am actually telling the truth!) I may get another drawer I could fill with polish 😂 xx


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