Hylamide Sub Q Eye Serum

Hi beauties,

I have another awesome Deciem product Hylamide Sub Q Eye Serum. I bought this in the Black Friday sale last November and I only started using it in March just after my birthday as I wanted to finish something else up first (I know – what is wrong with me??) I have been testing this since then and it is actually still going. I have been using this every other day in conjunction with my favourite Gatineau Melatogenine eye cream, but as this is a serum you need a very small amount so I think if you were to use it every day you would get at least 4 months out of it.

As Hylamide is from Deciem, it is a very sophisticated formula addressing all the signs of age around the eyes, puffiness, dark circles, lines & wrinkles and hooding. You could think that sounds too good to be true however, with lots of peptides with names I can’t pronounce and a form of retinol which is Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex that gives the great results retinol offers without irritation.

I have seen excellent results from this eye product, it plumps up lines and I have also used it above my eye lid to help with hooding, it really does help lift. Darkness and puffiness I can’t comment on as I don’t suffer with those but it’s so great on lines I would try it anyway. As I mentioned earlier I do use it with another eye product so that’s why this has lasted me so long, but it is a light serum texture that sinks in so quickly you just need a grain of rice size for both eyes. There have been days when I have been super tired (or hungover!) so have used it underneath my eye cream for an extra boost. It really is a gem.

Hylamide Sub Q Eye Serum is available from boots.com or at http://www.hylamide.com and is the superb price at £27.00 for a 15ml bottle.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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5 thoughts on “Hylamide Sub Q Eye Serum”

  1. That’s really interesting. I am checking these days many reviews and products for the eye area. I still have some Galactomyces by Purebess left and it works but only at the level of fine wrinkles. I don’t have dark circles but I would say a little dark. I want something that gives me some coolness as well, not just the wrinkle treatment. So I am taking note of this one. I wish you a great week!

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    1. This is a great all rounder, I have dark circles as I don’t get a lot of sleep but they don’t really bother me I’m more about the wrinkles!! This is a cool liquid texture that sinks in so well and works very well on wrinkles beneath the eyes, if your eyes are more mature then you could always layer with eye cream I have done that and it’s brilliant. I would buy thus again! Thank you, I hope you do too 😊 xx

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