Hi beauties,

There’s no review today but there’s been a social media campaign that I really have loved seeing. The gorgeous Maleka from Merumaya has created this calling it #beautyhasnoage and as a very proud Thirty Plus Blogger I have to echo this statement. I also wanted to share how my love of beauty started and why I began the blog.

As a child/teenager who was always overweight, I hated clothes shopping I wasn’t into fashion like some of my friends so I looked to makeup and beauty to make me feel better about myself. After all, you don’t have to be a certain size to wear some beautiful nail polish or a pretty lipstick. It was nails that started my passion for beauty, I stopped biting my nails and grew them and noticed when I wore polish I often got compliments and that made me feel good. (Who doesn’t really like a compliment??) So I began to get interested in makeup as a whole and into skincare and always tried to make the best of myself even if I didn’t always feel that way.

I found friends and family noticed and would ask my advice on what I thought was good. (I now shudder to think I used to use wipes and tell my friends, but we all live and learn!) My Dad and I have a running joke in which anything is endorsed by Marie Claire then it’s good enough for us!!

All jokes aside, I have learned so much through my interest in beauty and I feel my knowledge has only got better as I’ve got older. I started the blog to share what I love and also for something to occupy my time since I had to stop working. I have found that beauty is inclusive and since I’ve started my Instagram page and my blog I have met so many fabulous and generous people of all ages who share my passion. I love learning about the latest products and brands that are emerging in this ever changing, exciting world. It is my dream to work for a beauty brand and I hope I am able to get to this target which at the moment seems so far away. Beauty truly has no age and every woman should feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin no matter how many birthdays she has had.

See Maleka’s blog and her original post that has inspired this at http://www.merumaya.com.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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I'm a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

6 thoughts on “#BeautyHasNoAge”

  1. What a great little post! Makeup is accessible to all regardless of age which is probably why as well as sharing on social media has become absolutely huge! We now have access to brands we once could only dream of. I, like you would also like to work with a brand one day once my kids are off my hands a little. Blogging has certainly made me feel part of something really special.


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    1. Thank you Toni! you’re absolutely right, social media has become a phenomenon and it’s great to get inspiration from others. Me too, I really love blogging and have met so many fantastic people which is fabulous for someone in my situation xx


  2. I totally echo your sentiments here! Beauty certainly has no age, and just because we may not be 20 anymore it doesn’t make us any less interested in looking good. I think ageing is such a privilege and everyone should embrace it. By the way, I keep meaning to tell you that my mum is always raving about how beautiful your skin is after meeting you at LA Perfection in the summer. I’ve pointed her at your blog for tips!

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    1. Exactly, I’ve been more interested in beauty since I’ve turned 30. I really enjoy seeing the makeup looks ladies of our age and older on Instagram and also learning which products were best. Bless her, it was such a pleasure to meet you both, I could talk to you both all day!! Xx


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