Little Ondine Revisited 

Hi beauties

After my disappointing experience with Little Ondine I had the first time I tried them Christine from the brand got in touch with me and asked for further information and asked whether I would give the brand another try. So I wanted to update all you readers with how I got on this time. (See the original post HERE)

It came all boxed in a gift box and the polishes themselves were individually boxed too, with all the instructions you need to be able to apply the polishes. Christine had asked me what kind of colours I liked and sent the beautiful Fusion, a gorgeous red and Jubilee which is a very pretty metallic blue.

Christine also included Secret which is a base coat that can be used as a top coat so I was able to test the Little Ondine system properly. I didn’t noticed the cluster of small bubbles that I had previously in the QVC set, you can see some bubbles in the above picture, that is normal when you lay something flat so I wasn’t concerned by this and there were no streaks in pigment that I experienced before. I applied the base coat and there were one or two bubbles on the nail, again I experience this occassionally when I use Nail Envy so this did not concern me.

This is Jubilee with two coats and Secret as a top coat. This colour was very easy to apply and I was very surprised at how quickly the manicure dried. I am wedded to my beloved Seche Vite so was nervous about using another top coat. I was impressed, Secret dried properly in 5 minutes. I capped the tips, I wasn’t sure whether this was the right thing to do or not but it’s a habit more then anything! I was ok on the first day, had no problems with lifting, but one nail did threaten to peel on the second day. I managed to roll off the edge and save it, I must confess that it was SO hard not to peel off the colour!!

This is Fusion with two coats and Secret as a top coat.

The brush is fabulous too, most of the time I only used one swipe but you have to make sure you don’t have too much on the brush. Cleaning up traditionally is difficult too, warm water with a brush is the way to do it, it didn’t work well with my usual Leighton Denny Precision Brush & Corrector.

All in all the colours lasted 3 days on me, as I frequently state I don’t know really how normal polish lasts on me as I get to 4-5 days and get bored! Little Ondine isn’t marketed as long lasting polish so it certainly didn’t disappoint me and of course removal was a breeze with no damage. Well, I say that, I have just one nail that is very badly damaged after gouging a piece out so on the residue of the polish there was a wee piece of my nail on it, the rest were absolutely fine. I would say if you have badly damaged nails, don’t try Little Ondine until they are healthier and Little Ondine say that themselves.

I am very glad to say I didn’t experience any of the problems I had with the QVC Discovery Set, so for balance I wanted to re-review this to give a fair account of how I got on this time. Next I want to try some glitters and special effects so I would certainly try them again. Thank you to Christine and the team at Little Ondine for not only taking on my comments but they had been passed onto the management team and been discussed but also giving me another opportunity to try the brand again.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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