Decleor Gradual Glow

Hi beauties,
Today I have the fabulous Decleor Gradual Glow which is a gradual tanning body lotion. I love Systeme Corps Decleor’s original firming and moisturising body lotion and as I’m not really good with traditional faux tan I wanted to give Gradual Glow a try.

I’ll cut to the chase: I love it!! I wasn’t expecting to as I was concerned what the colour would be like on me, but it’s very natural.

As you can see I am very pale and pasty and I have a very pink skin tone, I burn easily and I don’t like to sit in the sun.

I found that with Gradual Glow it warmed my skin tone without looking fake, this is 2 layers with a day in between applications. It’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t have a horrible fake tan smell, it smells like the usual Systeme Corps which is a very fresh fragrance. Gradual Glow works well on my face too, it moisturises well and the effect is so subtle and I really like that. I don’t want to look like I have used a false tan and for me Gradual Glow is the best kind of tan. If you want more of a stronger result you can add more than one layer at one time or use it on consectutive days, I have been a bit tentative as I wasn’t sure how it was going to develop so if you are thinking it’s not strong enough for you that is how you would build it. I am going to try and go a wee bit darker and see what that is like.

As with usual false tan, you don’t have the normal prep you have to do and again that is another reason why I like this so much. No fiddly application and blending, you just apply it like a regular body lotion and forget about it! Decleor Gradual Glow is available from and is £32.00 for 250ml.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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