Balance Active Formula Dragons Blood Collection* 

Hi beauties,

I’ve got a really affordable skincare range today with Balance Active Formula Dragons Blood Lifting Collection. Rhiannon from Brodie & Stone (parent company of Balance Active Formula) very kindly sent me a set for me to test. The Dragons Blood Collecction is for lifting and tightening the skin and to smooth wrinkles. Dragons blood extract as well as Liftonin Xpress are the main active ingredients. Dragons blood extract is a resin found from trees found in the Amazon rainforest, it is said to be an potent antioxidant and extremely effective in helping compromised skin. I have heard of this ingredient from seeing demonstrations on QVC from a brand called Taya which use it in their haircare range for volume and hold for hair.

So starting with the serum; this is a lovely lightweight non greasy serum that sinks into your skin very quickly. It does have a fragrance, however it is quite difficult to describe! It is not unpleasant though, slightly fresh and spicy. It has a firming effect on the skin, you can definitely tell when it has been applied to the skin, it’s a gentle firming rather than tight and uncomfortable. Your skin is still able to move and there is no flaking or chalk whiteness that you can get with some lifting products. You can also use this under your eyes as well to improve the look of lines. I like this serum, I like the firming feeling and the hydration you get, if your skin feels stickly then you have used too much. Your skin should feel smooth and with a gentle firming action.

I am really impressed with the Dragons Blood Eye Lift Balm. I have found the biggest result with this product. This did help reduce the look of the lines after I had applied the eye cream and has a tightening feeling like the serum. Obviously no eye cream can get rid of lines and wrinkles under your eyes but this does make the lines look more hydrated and comfortable and as a balm it is thicker than a lot of eye creams I have tried before. It doesn’t beat my favourite Gatineau Melatogenine Eye Concentrate yet I think for the value of the range the Eye Lift Balm is very good. A friend of mine got in touch with me about it a couple of days after I had been using it and asked my thoughts, I told her it’s the best of the range and well worth trying.

The last of the collection is the Dragons Blood Lifting Cream, this product wasn’t for me. It is a very thin lotion that sinks in quickly but I didn’t overly like the feel of it on my skin. I don’t think that it would be enough hydration for drier skins because it is very fine. I didn’t have a lot of shine breakthough when using it so for my oily skin type it would be ok. Layered with the serum my skin felt a bit tacky and I did vary the amount of product used while I was testing it but I still had the same result.

Bar the Lifting Cream I think this is a good collection, the Lifting Serum and Eye Lift Balm are pleasant to use and results are good. I don’t have many wrinkles on my face so I always test these kind of products on my neck, the Serum made a difference on the necklace lines, they didn’t look as prominent and the lifing properties felt comfortable. Also the Serum didn’t roll off underneath other moisturisers I tested it with and worked well over a couple of oils I used too. The value of these products are extremely good too, you can find them on, the Serum is available for as litle as £5.00, the Eye Lift Balm £3.70 and the Lifting Cream £4.49 so to try the whole range is not going to break the bank! A big thank you to Rhiannon at Brodie & Stone for sending the products for me to try.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx

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  1. I liked your thoughts regarding the eye cream. Right now I am using Galactomyces by Purebess. When it will finish, I would like to try something different. I have never tried Dragon’s blood resin on my skin. Great review and yes, we love Gatineau! ❤

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