Nuture Skincare Intensive Age-Defying Day Cream SPF 30


Hi beauties,

I have a fab SPF today from Nuture Skincare, Intensive Age Defying Day Cream SPF 30. I won this in a twitter competition from Nikki Taylor from with lots of other treats and as I had run out of my usual Ultrasun I gave this a try.

I am really impressed with this product, I have a bit of a love/hate with SPF, I know I should use them to protect my skin especially as I have hyperpigmentation but all too often they are too thick and leave my oily skin feeling more greasy. This is quite a light cream and it does have that SPF feel to it, but I didn’t have to blot as much as I do with my Ultrasun.

The only thing that concerns me with these types of SPF is how long they actually last, I would top this up at lunchtime to feel protected. I don’t know how long it would keep you protected if you wanted to use makeup over the top, most days I don’t wear makeup so not a problem for me but I can see this would be a consideration for most people. It layers well over other skincare, I tested with a few serums underneath and it didn’t roll off and ball up into bits. It’s a great moisturiser, I certainly didn’t need anything else but a serum but if you have very dry skin you may want to apply your normal mosituriser first. It does have a fragrance and it’s really pleasant, it doesn’t have the harsh alcohol smell we usually associate with SPF. This moisturiser also contains Retinol which is known for anti ageing, I didn’t have any side effects (redness or peeling) using this product so how potent the Retinol is in the product I am not sure.

So in conclusion this is a great SPF option especially for us oilier skin types and it is brilliant value at £13.95 for a 30ml size. It lasted me around 6-8 weeks but I do tend to use more SPF (probably too much!) to make sure my skin has a decent layer, the directions are to use a pearl sized amount for face and neck. Nurture Skincare Intensive Age Defying Day Cream is available from

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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