Fortune Favours The Brave Palette


Hi beauties,

So as usual I am late to the party with today’s review, even though I have had Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave palette since it’s release in March! I have another confession as well, this is the first eyeshadow palette I have ever bought. I know, where have I been?! As I wear glasses I don’t wear much eye makeup normally but when I first saw this I knew I had to have it.

I am a huge fan of British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham, I love her blog and I love how honest she is with her reviews, so I was very excited to hear of this and then of course I saw a picture of it, with some many gorgeous and versatile shades, I think this palette is a great one for a novice like me to have.

There are 30 shades in the palette, top row:

  • Glimmer
  • Buffer
  • Peachy
  • Hope
  • Fortune
  • Skylight
  • Transformer
  • Midnight Rainbows

Second Row

  • Ice Cloud
  • Golden Coins
  • Cashmere
  • Tip Top
  • Yes Please
  • Green Machine
  • Smoothie

Third row:

  • Caffeine Fix
  • Latte
  • Pink Diamond
  • Creme
  • Drama Queen
  • Lonely Planet
  • Blacqua

Fourth row

  • Soft
  • New World
  • Favour
  • Sunset Hour
  • Super Gold
  • Winning
  • Brave
  • The Revolution

The shade range really is excellent, different finishes and textures there is definitely something for everyone in here. Plus I really love the packaging, smart and gold with a huge mirror in, always handy! I would also use some of these colours as blush, especially shades like Peachy, Golden Coins, Favour and there are fantastic liner options with Transformer, A Midnight Rainbow, Drama Queen, Blacqua, Brave and The Revolution. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with a double ended brush and not the usual foam applicators which I think is a nice touch. You can create some gorgeous looks with this palette and I have seen many online by some very talented people! You only have to search Youtube for reviews and you will see some stunning creations so I do think it’s versatile for newbies and the most hardened of makeup wearers! A brilliant value palette, Fortune Favours The Brave is available from and is the amazing price of £9.99.
Till next time,

Lucy xxx



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7 thoughts on “Fortune Favours The Brave Palette”

    1. Thank you! I’m not great with swatching so I hope you were able to get a good view of the colours. It’s crazy affordable!! Makeup Revolution have a few brands and it’s all at drugstore pricing. A must buy! Xx


    1. What a minx nicking Mum’s makeup!! Although I did the same when I was younger my Mum didn’t have anything like this palette, it was blur eyeshadow and red lipstick. It was the 80’s after all lol xx


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