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Hi beauties,

Another Nails of The Day for you and this time it’s a Nails Inc manicure! There has been a lot of OPI lately so I wanted to break that up and give you another brand.

Nails Inc Berkeley Street is a gorgeous coral Gel Effect polish and now it’s officially Summer, these beautiful coral shades are everywhere! This usually wouldn’t be a colour I would reach for, however I have been experimenting and I really love it. So bright, cheerful and vibrant, fully opaque in 2 coats. I love the Gel Effects as they are super shiny and durable. Slightly thicker than standard polishes due to the plasticizers in the formula, it hides any ridges and imperfections you may have on your nails. The brush is fabulous, it’s cuticle shaped making it so easy to paint with. It is literally the best brush I’ve ever tried, it gives you a great finish and practically eliminates the need for clean up.

The glitter is a Bling Bling effect called New Bond Street, I can’t resist a bit of glitter at any time of the year, it’s rare when I have a manicure without it. I don’t usually wear it on all nails just having one or two for a bit of interest. Bling Bling has an iridescent pinky base with all different sized holographic particles. The coverage is great and you don’t have to dab too much as the brush picks up a decent amount of glitter for you to be able to brush it on normally. I really love this glitter and it will be great over any colour, the pinky hue is delicate and not immediately noticeable, you can spot it in bright sunlight, such a gorgeous shade. For me Nails Inc make fabulous special effects and are really innovative, they create things that you have never seen before. One that I know I will be using over and over again!

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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